CONTEST! Win this Metabo 9″ Concrete Saw!

When you need to make precise 2-inch cuts in mineral-based materials (concrete, stone, and plaster) you’ll need good dust management, on-point anti-vibration tech and a whole lot of power. And for that, you’ll need Metabo. This, is the Metabo T 24-230 MVT CED Diamond Cutting System Showcase.

In today’s showcase, we have the Metabo 9” Diamond Cutting System. This is the T 24-230 MVT CED.  That’s a mouthful! And there’s a reason. This saw sports a 9” blade spun 6600 RPMs by a 15 Amp motor. That translates to a very capable concrete saw that will not only get the job done but get it done accurately. Thanks to its metal plate and built-in rollers, it’s exceptionally precise on smooth surfaces. The plate can also be removed for freehanded cuts.

But let’s not forget our lungs! This compact cutter is designed for low-dust dry cuts up to 28mm, or 3 and 3 / 8 “ deep. Paired up with a proper vac, it offers efficient dust extraction for health protection and keeping construction sites clean.

This saw is by no means small. It weighs in at a hefty 17.9 lbs, and that’s not including the 13ft electrical cable. Power comes at a cost of course. Fortunately, the dust extraction shroud also features open design allowing a great view of the cutting line, and thanks to the swiveling handle, it can be configured for either push or pull cutting. 

This is not a toy. As if I have to say that. This is a serious bit of kit meant for serious jobs. So if you have a serious job to do, we want to send you this one. To enter to win this beast, all you need to do is leave a comment HERE on the Youtube Video, telling us how exactly you’d put this 9” Diamond Cutting System to use!

Then we’ll randomly choose a winner from those comments, and announce it on our Power Tool Week in Review program next week. Be sure to join us this and every Friday at 5pm for our Powertool Week In review. We’ll see you then.

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