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Confined Spaces – On the Job Safety Tips with Safex

Safex Confined Space Training

When working in any confined space there are a wide range of potential hazards and unfortunately has been a source for many worker fatalities in the past. For this reason there are some clear processes and procedure OSHA requires anytime some is going to enter a Confined Space. We have limited knowledgeable in this area but it is a very important topic which seems to raise a lot of questions, so we took a field trip to the Safex Training Facility to get a little better understanding of what processes, procedure, regulation and equipment are involved with working in confined spaces.

We broke the visit into a two part video with the first video focusing more on identifying a confined space and potential hazards including visual inspection, using a gas detector to asses/monitor the space and the proper procedure to document the work.

In the second video (below) we actually got the team together and went into the confined space. One of the biggest surprises to learn was that more often people are injured or die from trying to save the first person. What makes up a “confined space team”, what is each person’s role and what equipment is needed? See this post & video for more on Safety Harnesses Use, Fit & Inspection tips we did with Safex previously. A good Confined Space Tripod system is also required also often times Confined Space Ventilation systems, both we will hopefully dig into that deeper in future videos.

These video and post is just to bring awareness to the safety concerns and this important topic, please seek professional training from an organization like Safex to make yourself and your team aware of proper safety and procedures.

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