Combo Glasses – 2 in 1 Eyes + Hearing Safety Solution

By now you may have figured out we are suckers for the “Guy with an Idea” type tool products and here is another good example. The company is and they make Safety glasses with built in ear protection. Very simple idea but the design and execution are very good. When not need the ear plugs tuck into the glasses out of the way very easily. The glasses also have two adjustments which allow you to easily find the right fit when using the ear protection. Of course the glasses meet and/or exceed all ANSI standards for safety eye protection.

There are 3 tint options for the lenses clear, smoke or amber, each priced at $12.99. There are also Bi-Focal options available. A set of ear plugs are included with each pair of glasses but additional pairs are also available and easily replaceable. All of these products can be purchased right on their website and ship from their factory in Western Montana, where they are assembled. Good luck guys hope you sell millions of them! 


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