CLC Not Your Typical Contractor Bags, Tech Gear LED Lighting

LED Contractor Bag

If you’ve got any tools chances are high you’ve also got some contractor bags storing at least some of your tools and hardware. Of course when you are lugging around heavy tools with lots of sharp and pointy bits heavy duty construction is key. CLC Work Gear is one of the top names in tool belts, bags and other safety supplies. They have lots of different styles and options but this is the first time we’ve seen LED lights added to a contractor bag. We have to admit on first glance we thought it was kind of gimmicky but it really does make a lot of sense, especially for a bag with 45 pockets like the CLC Tech Gear 18” Big Mouth L232 ($47). What we found surprising was the LED light system doesn’t actually add anything to the cost as the very popular CLC 18” Contractor Bag 1163 ($47) is the same price.

CLC Bag L232

The 3 LED light put out a total of 39 lumens (double a tactical penlight) which is a lot considering it’s inside your work bag. The flooring of the bag is also a bright yellow so it makes it much easier to see to the bottom and find that tiny screw that just slipped out of your fingers. This bag’s 45 various sized pockets (19 inside & 26 outside) is more than any of CLCs other 18” contractor bags so it’s ideal for storing all your tools and accessories.

LED Tool Bag

Of course the LEDs are not just for looking inside your tool bag, you can easily flip the multi-position latch and the 3 LED lights will point outside the bag onto the task at hand. Overall we found this to be a very handy feature and since it’s on a well made CLC bag we aren’t sacrificing any quality in construction for the added feature.

The above video is on the slightly smaller 14″ Tech Gear 29 pocket L230 ($39) but same concept.

If you are looking for any of the CLC Work Gear including storage bags, safety gloves, knee pads, rain gear, tool belts or whatever give the pros at Ohio Power Tool a call 800-242-4424 and they will be able to help you out.

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