Circular Saw Vs Track Saw Vs Table Saw.

This week we find 5 perfect tools to start your shop, Foureyes helps us pick out a saw and Clint from Tool Review Zone goes local TV!

Robillard and his merry men are back again, this time testing 9 full-sized framing nailers to determine once and for all, at least for this year, which nailer has the most power, largest capacity, best weight and size and which one makes the least noise. After that last test, every house around Rob’s suddenly went on sale. To find out which nailer hits the nail on the head, head over to Tool Box Buzz on Youtube.

So lets say you’re just getting started in woodworking, but you’re not sure which tools you’ll need to get the job done. Well, Caleb Harris has you covered. This week he shared a plan to build just about anything you want with only 5 tools. Now many of you seasoned carpenters will no doubt have a different opinion as to which 5 tools are absolute necessities in a new shop, but hey, that’s what the comment section is for. So if you’re looking to start your own shop, Caleb has the answers. If you’ve already started, there’s still plenty to learn and room in the comments to disagree. You’ll find it at Caleb Harris on Youtube.

We told you a couple of weeks ago about a movement on social media called Makers Never Forget, that organized makers in all 50 states to build wooden flags for display in the workplaces of our first responders. One such participant was our buddy Clint from the Tool Review Zone, who not only made a beautiful work of art, but somehow tricked a town council into letting him present it, and a local news show into interviewing him. Our favorite part was the clips they chose to feature from his channel. Now dozens of people know about Clint, which can’t possibly be good for society in general. But we’re still proud of him, and the rest of the makers who are donating their time to honor the people who show up first when we need them the most. For more, follow #makersneverforget on Instagram.

Our favorite four-eyed woodworker took a break from his usual introspective maker projects to offer his own insight into the difference between table, track and circular saws, and helps you figure out which one is right for you. After watching the entire video, It became wildly obvious that I need at least 2 of each. Your results may vary. To figure out for yourself visit Chris Salamone on Youtube.

The wonders from down under took aim at the Makita 36V 12In AWS… What? It’s in Australia guys. I’d love to explain geography to you, but there’s no time left. If you’re interested in seeing the new DLX211 used upside down, head over to Oz Tool Talk on Youtube.

The Third Coast craftsman made a simple backyard movie screen with a little help from Utz his shop dog. Since he assembled all of the pieces with mortise and tenon joints held together with wooden pins the screen can easily be taken apart and stored during the winter. I am sure there are many other fun details in this build but I got distracted with Utz. Go watch Utz, and I guess Chris at Third Coast Craftsman on Youtube. 

Jennie and Davis collaborated with Jonny Builds to make some Industrial End Tables with reclaimed lumber and metal legs. I am new to their channel but I am excited to go back and watch all of their past projects. They’re a fun duo to watch and they love to share advice and experiences that have helped them grow their furniture business that could help new makers. You can find them at Jennie and Davis on Youtube. 

The Lazy Guy himself, Adam from Lazy Guy DIY shared pictures on Instagram of his outdoor bar complete with a faux marble top. I am not sure how convincing that is close up, but from the pictures, it looks like marble. Not a bad project for a Lazy Guy! Go check out Adam at Lazy Guy DIY on Instagram! 

It’s time for Construction industry news with Construction Junkie. If you want your construction company to be best-in-class, you need to be able to objectively measure yourself against them.  To help assist with that difficult task, Autodesk has announced the release of a new self-assessment tool to measure where your company stands against your competitors based upon 7 different key performance indicators (KPIs). Now I’m not a construction company per se, but I took the self-evaluation anyways, and as is turns out, I’m the best and my competitors suck. I’m looking at you Todd Review zone. Of course, if you ARE a construction company, the new assessment tool could be critical to growth. To do so, you can fill out their free construction health check on their website. We’ll provide a link in the show description.

Procore’s annual GroundBreak came to a close last week, and there were more than a few major announcements that will greatly affect their userbase, including Procore for Owners, Procore Analytics, Procore Community, and an automated script that will automatically add “Procore” before all of their product names. Shane from Construction junkie just posted an exhaustive summary of the event and will be rolling out more content in the coming weeks. You can keep up with all of it at construction junkie dot com.

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