Chicago Pneumatic Portable Handheld Hydraulic Tools

It is a little confusing that a tool company with “Pneumatic” in their name would be in the Hydraulic Tool business. However, since the company is a part of Atlas Copco, one of the top names in Hydraulics worldwide and because these CP Hydraulic Tools are basically the red version of those Atlas tools we are very confident these tools will live up to the Chicago Pneumatic Construction name.

Hydraulic vs Pneumatic vs Electric
There are many reasons to consider the Hydraulic Tools over pneumatic or electric including: provide the most power and torque, fluid cannot compress like air, the tools will not freeze at low temperatures, hydraulic tools can work underwater, ATEX approved for dangerous environment (in many cases), life span of the tool is very long, low maintenance as the parts are continuously lubricated and the tools are quieter than other options. The reason you don’t see more hydraulic tools on the jobsite today is basically because of the higher initial start up costs for a complete system.


Power Supply
Many job sites are already equipped with Pull Behind 185 Compressors so investing another $3-5k in a Hydraulic Power Supply may be out of the question. The other option however is to use construction equipment that may be available as the power supply with an Oil Flow Regulator (see previous article). But for the ultimate in mobility and convenience the CP Power Packs Units are going to be the best bet.

Hydraulic Tools
In the CP Hydraulic line of hand tools there are several breaker models comparable to pneumatic tools such as a chipping hammer, 30lb, 60lb & 90lb breakers. In addition there is available a rock drill, (2) core drills, (2) concrete saws, walk behind concrete saw cart, (2) water pumps and a post tamper. There are also several CS Unitec hydraulic hand tools that will work with the CP Power Packs including the SHARK recip saw (for underwater use), mag drill press, core drills, SDS & SDS-Max Rotary Hammer Drills and various other specialty tools.

If you have any questions about any hydraulic hand tools, job site capabilities, configurations, tools for underwater use, ATEX Approved tools or any other questions give the professionals at Ohio Power Tool a call at 800-242-4424. Most of these guys there have 20+ year in the business and they will help you find the right tool for the job.   


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