Chicago Pneumatic New 2010 Catalog & New Look

Since 1901 Chicago Pneumatic has been delivering quality air tools for automotive, industrial and construction applications. New this year is a lot of exciting new products in addition to a full line overhaul, well at least the appearance. Many of their tools are getting a fresh coat of red as part of their “new look”. Some of their most popular tools will remain unchanged and become the “Classic” line. Here is a link to the Full 2010 Chicago Pneumatic Industrial & Vehicle Service Catalog which will show all the tools as they will be moving forward.

This change will take some time to implement and you can assume CP and distributors will work through existing inventory before switching to the “new look”. If you really want a red tool you might need to wait a little and/or do some calling around. There are also a few pictures in the catalog that suggest the CP construction tools and air compressors will also get similar face lifts. Our first thought was simply that the red would scrape off making the tool look worn out quicker but then we remembered the CP Breakers have been red for some time and they hold up very well.

If you have any questions about CP automotive tools, construction, compressors, CP parts, repairs or anything else Chicago Pneumatic related feel free to call Ohio Power Tool at 800-242-4424 or email [email protected].  

One quick side note the “Chicago Electric” tool brand is NOT IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM related to “Chicago Pneumatic”. Seriously NOT related at all, not even through a cousin’s, ex-wife’s, hair dresser’s, baby daddy kind of relation. The “Chicago Electric” tools are exclusively sold through Harbor Freight and if such a fine product should ever have difficulty you should contact Harbor Freight directly for warranty or parts.


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