Chicago Pneumatic BlueTork 1” Non-Impact Wrench CP7600

The CP7600 is aimed at buses and trucks maintenance companies sensitive to best practices in terms of E3Q (Ergonomics, Efficiency, Environment and Quality). It offers a torque controlled solution to tighten nuts on trucks and buses to a precise specification without impacting force.

The Chicago Pneumatic BlueTork is a pistol grip pneumatic nut runner assists mechanics for tightening lug nuts according to specifications. The shut off valve prevents over-tightening while the torque reaction is taken by mean of a blade. The tool uses a dual motor setup to spine initially at 100rpm (50 ft.lbs) to quickly set the nut while the second motor spins at 8 rpm (650 ft.lbs) to finish the nut at exact specs. Because the tool uses continuous driving force instead of impact force the result is a significantly quieter tool, with much lower vibration. At only 79dB(A) OSHA does not require hear protection vs a typical 1” impact at 95dB(A) hear protection would be required under OSHA regulation 1910.95. The vibration levels for the non-impact wrench are almost vibration free at >2.5m/s. In Europe a typical impact gun with 9.1m/s would require mandatory limited daily exposure, while the US doesn’t yet have these standards you can expect to see something soon.

The CP7600 BlueTork comes in 4 different models based on if the wrench has the reversibility option as well as single or 4 position torque settings. The weight range is from 14.5 – 16.9 lbs and overall length of 15.2” to 17.2” depending on features. Clearly these tools would be far more comfortable to use than a typical 1” impact gun that average in the 25-30 lbs range.


Additional benefits from these wrenches include no need for a click wrench, no more wheel rework due to over-tightening, less mechanic injury due to fatigue or inability to hear and simplification of mechanics work.

So why haven’t we seen the Chicago Pneumatic BlueTork Tools sweeping through all the maintenance shops? Probably because of the price tags; between $4559 – $6506 per wrench. That is significantly more than even the high end 1” truck impact tire guns. So what could potentially drive the market for these guns? Sadly probably law suites, when wheels come off a large vehicle typically that means someone is getting a big payout. If there is equipment that exists which can torque lugs to the exact right specs and the company instead opts for to use the cheaper tool. Then that tool in turn strips the threads and wheels go flying off a bus full of passengers… you can bet some lawyer will be getting a big payday.  

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