BREAKING Retailer just LEAKED 8 new Bosch PROFACTOR tools! BOSCH IS BACK!

Over 2 years ago, at World of Concrete 2019, Bosch announced a new line of tools that all featured significant power boosts, heat management, longer runtimes, high speed charging, and cartoon personas. For real. And then… Bosch kind of went silent. Recent rumor’s suggested that Bosch is finally about to release their Megawatt Crew (mercifully renamed “Profactor”) this February. And before we could get any information from Bosch, a retailer just leaked EVERYTHING. And now we have details and prices on all 8 tools. Tool fans, Bosch is Back. Let’s go!

Today We’ve finally got specs and prices on some of the most exciting tools to ever come out of Germany (Sorry Festool). 

Let’s start with what makes these PROFACTOR tools. First of all, they’re all powered by Bosch’s CORE18V battery platform, which features advanced cell technology including their COOL PACK 2.0 system, and packed with them sweet sweet 21700 cells. I’ll include a link in the corner to our detailed video on these batteries if you want to know more.

Along with the release of the PROFACTOR line, comes 2 new CORE18V batteries that are optimized specifically for PROFACTOR tools including an 8ah and a 12ah battery, which are a God sent to current Bosch users who have been BEGGING for more amp hours. 

As for the tools themselves, they all feature something Bosch calls BITURBO Brushless technology, which doesn’t involve 1 turbo, let alone 2 that the name would suggest. Instead, it pairs a new brushless motor and a powerful drive train with powerful magnets and optimized electronics that take advantage of those new PROFACTOR CORE18V batteries. Short version? Special tool, special battery, insane performance. Got it? 

Let’s get to the tools, starting with the Hitman.

This is the Bosch GBH18V-34CQN 18V Hitman SDS-plus 1-1/4 In. Rotary Hammer. Why Hitman? Because it will kill someone for money… duh. The new SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer also has 2 bigger SDS MAX brothers in 1 9/16” for mid-level hits, and 1 ⅞” for when you need a 2” hole in your victim. 

The SDS-Plus hammer brings to the job 4.3 ft lbs of impact energy, includes much-appreciated kickback control tech, and weighs in at only 10.8lbs. It has a cool on tool display that lets you manage tool performance for immediate feedback and control, but it can also wirelessly connect to Bosch’s toolbox app with an optional module. 

It’s got an anti-vibration handle and Vario-lock positioning which rotates and locks chisels to specific angles based on the job. 

These are sincerely impressive numbers for an 18V Rotary Hammer. But his SDS MAX big brothers are even more impressive. They both include all the same features, but the 1 9/16 SDS MAX version delivers 5.2 ft lbs of impact energy, and weighs in at only 13.4 lbs. And the 1 ⅞” version delivers a staggering 9.6lbs of impact energy, and weighs in at a more stout 19.6lbs.

The 1 ¼” SDS Plus PROFACTOR HITMAN Rotary Hammer will cost $449 bare or in a kit, which we don’t have a price for yet. The 1 9/16” SDS MAX version will cost $499 bare, or $799 with a pair of 8.0AH batteries and charger. The true hitman of the bunch, the 1 ⅞” SDS MAX monster will cost $799 bare, or $999 with 2 8.0AH batteries and charger.

Rotary Hammers – The Hitman
Bosch GBH18V-34CQN 18V SDS-plus 1-1/4 In. Rotary Hammer
Bosch GBH18V-36CK24 18V Hitman 1-9/16 In. SDS Max Rotary Hammer
Bosch GBH18V-45CK24 18V Hitman 1-7/8 In. SDS-max Rotary Hammer

Moving on to the Spitfire. A german angle grinder being sold to American’s with the name of a British single-seat fighter plane. Bosch “We’re International” 

THIS is the Bosch GWS18V13CB14 18V Spitfire 5-6” Angle grinder. It claims to have the same power of a 13amp corded grinder. I believe them. Bosch may not answer my emails, but they’re not liars! Safety is a primary concern with angle grinders, and Bosch has you covered. It features kickback control for when your disc gets bound, restart protection, and a clever drop control system that will shut the grinder off if you drop it. I can’t tell yet if it will sense the drop and stop it before it lands on your feet, or AFTER it senses your toes flying around the room. Just in case I’d wear proper PPE, and that includes steel toes shoes. It also features spiral bevel gears for smooth transfer of power and a vibration control handle with two positions. 

It’s available with either their traditional ⅞” mount or with their new X-Lock tool-less mounting system. The Standard mount Spitfire will cost $229 bare or $379 with 1 8.0AH PROFACTOR Core 18V battery and charger. The X-LOCK version will cost $249 bare or $399 in the same kit. 

Grinders – The Spitfire
Bosch GWS18V-13CB14 18V Spitfire 5 – 6 In. Angle Grinder
Bosch GWX18V-13CB14 18V Spitfire X-LOCK 5 – 6 In. Angle Grinder

Next up, is the Surgeon. A name synonymous with ultimate precision, given to a type of tool with a history of being the least precise way to cut a board. 

This is the Bosch GCM18V-12GDCN14 18V Surgeon 12 In. Dual-Bevel Glide Miter Saw. This Glide arm design has been my absolute favorite since it was revealed 11 years ago. Instead of the saw rolling on rails that protrude from the back of the saw, it moves on 6 hinges, with the blade and body connected by two arms with articulating joints. It means it can sit closer to a wall, and it looks amazing.

This version has an insane 4.7in depth of cut and 15.7 in crosscut. More importantly, this is the first version to be battery powered. And because it’s part of the PROFACTOR series, it has its non-turbo bi-turbo system that does a great job of taking advantage of the PROFACTOR Core18V batteries. I want this. I’m not going to dance around the subject. The rest of these tools are a great sign that BOSCH is back, and ready to compete. But this saw is my dream miter saw. I’m gonna get one. But I’m gonna have to save my pennies first. It’s going to be $749 as a bare tool, and $899 with 1 8.0AH battery and charger. 

Miter Saw – The Surgeon
Bosch GCM18V-12GDCN14 18V Surgeon 12 In. Dual-Bevel Glide Miter Saw

And finally, we have a pair of Circular saws, called the Strong Arm. Presumably in relation to their sales tactics. I’m just saying it’d be a shame if you bought a DeWALT instead, and something happened to your roses. That’s not a euphemism. I’m gonna step on your flowers.

This is the Bosch GKS18V-25GCN 18V Strong Arm 7-1/4 In. Circular Saw. And thanks to the PROFACTOR designation, it’s got lots of turbo power thanks to its high-performance motor and drive-train, which everyone wants in a circ saw. It’s got a cool one-touch depth adjustment you can do with one hand. 2 ½” cut capacity, which allows you to easily cut through 2x material across the entire bevel range which is super nice.

Like the rest of the Profactor tools, it can connect to the Bosch Toolbox app with the optional module, which will give you all kinds of performance feedback. Now the saw will come with 1 of 2 different base plates, one is a normal base plate presumably made of something hard, while the other is this awesome track compatible plate that’s compatible with Bosch’s own track system, along with several of their competitors which is super cool, but comes at a cost. The Bosch Strong Arm with a normal plate will be $219 bare or $369 with 1 8.0AH Profactor battery and charger. The Track compatible Strong Arm will be $279 bare, or $429 with the same kit. 

The last and final member of the Bosch Profactor mob is their all-new plunge cut, TRUE track saw, which we saw at World of Concrete 2020. Many I miss traveling to shows.

The saw’s track-guidance system provides exact adjustments for precision end-to-end cuts and plunge cuts. It’s also got this crazy .4in distance from blade to edge, so it can cut right along a wall, if that’s what you need. It also has a clever eco mode that can extend your battery up to 30%. And of course, it’s got all the previously mentioned bi-turbo superpowers, so it’s got the power, functions and capabilities to accomplish a very specific job. This is a 5 ½” track saw with a particular set of skills, and the only tool in their new mob without a name. So, if Bosch will hear me out, this saw should be called The Liam. Let me know if you have a better idea in the comments below.

Now according to their preview page, all of these tools are coming in February. According to Amazon, they’ll all be released on February 1st. We’ve heard from some retailers that they’re being told March. So when can you finally get your hands on these tools? We don’t know. But so far, it looks like these new Bosch Profactor tools may just be worth the wait.

Circular Saws – Strong Arm
Bosch GKS18V-25GCN 18V Strong Arm Connected-Ready 7-1/4 In. Circular Saw with Track Compatibility
Bare: $279

Bosch GKS18V-25CN 18V Strong Arm Connected-Ready 7-1/4 In. Circular Saw
Bare: $219

Track Saw
Bosch GKT18V-20GCL14 18V 5-1/2 In. Track Saw

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