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THIS WEEK, Vince shows us 4 new Milwaukee Tools at the World of Concrete, Rob digs deep into the all-new line of Nuron Tools from the Hilti event, The Torque Test channel destroys a viewer’s impact, And we get to see both snowblowers AND lawn mowers take on the snow. THIS is your Power Tool Week In Review.

Welcome back Power Tool Fans, we are anxious to get into the tool news, we want to explain Jay’s head first. Starting today, every week on the show, we’re going to hide a photo of Jay’s Head, somewhere in the episode. It will be hidden, and only show up for a second or two. That is Jay Amstutz from Ohio Power Tool. If you find Jay’s head in the show, pause it. Because you can make note of the time stamp and email us within the first 60 minutes of the show being live for a chance to win a $50 gift card. 

So, if you haven’t turned on the bell notification icon, do it, so you can have a shot at winning. Just grab the time stamp where you find Jay’s head in this video and email it to [email protected]. Good luck!

Mark Thomas Builder | Milwaukee M18 Lawn Mower

Now on to the news, where we first find Mark Thomas testing the all-new Milwaukee M18 Lawn Mower. Now his review starts out as you’d expect, with an unboxing, assembly, and review of a few features. But Mark lives up in Michigan, where it’s not exactly lawn mowing season. So, he did what made the most sense to him and headed out into the snow. Not even the frozen tundra will keep Mark from mowing the yard. Mark can’t actually get to the grass, but he uses the opportunity to show off the different features and gives us all a great look at what the LED lights do for those of us who mow in the dark. Yes, Rob mows in the dark. Once back inside, Mark finishes a very thorough review, and even demonstrates exactly how quiet the new mower is. You can find the full arctic review at Mark Thomas Builder.

Tool Box Buzz | HILTI Nuron

Back in October a small group of tool focused content creators were secretly whisked off to Switzerland, for a private preview of a completely new line of 70 power tools called Nuron, from Hilti. We were there as well and have already shared our thought on a previous video, but this week Rob Robillard shared his. This roll out is a major endeavor for Hilti, and Rob goes out of his way to cover every aspect, targets every detail, and builds a great case for a new era of Hilti performance to match their now legendary longevity. This doesn’t mean Nuron is going to be for everyone however, and if you’re wondering if it’s for you, I suggest stopping over at Tool Box Buzz.

Torque Test Channel | Snap-On vs Matco

The Titans of Torque are back at the dyno this week, this time testing the most expensive compact stubby they’ve ever run across. This is the all-new Snap-On PT338, and it rings in at an eye watering $500. To see if it’s worth that many eagle bucks, they decided to test it against their current compact champion, the Matco MT2765. And while the testing is the typical detailed and well narrated battles, we’ve grown to expect from TTC, this time they have a minor disaster that leaves one of the contestants in desperate need of emergency resuscitation. To find out if your brand comes out on top, or if it’s the one that explodes, head over to Torque Test Channel.

Man Caver Tools | Ryobi Tool Box First Aid Kit

Last week Dave over at Man Caver Tools decided to give the Ryobi link system a second chance by trying out their toolboxes, and the man is convinced. So much so, that he decided to completely replace his PACKOUT collection with the new Green boxes. Part of that conversion includes rebuilding an emergency toolbox for his truck. Besides the first aid essentials, he includes a bunch of items I wouldn’t have thought to keep in my vehicle. Utilizing the larger format of the Ryobi toolbox, he was even able to include a small Hilti impact wrench for quickly changing a tire. With all of this equipment, you’d actually be in a pretty good position to help others you find stranded as well. If you’re not carrying your own emergency roadside kit, Dave thinks Ryobi has the answer, over at Man Caver tools.

Pro Tool Reviews | Speaker Showdown

Did you know that Clint over at Pro Tool Reviews was a sound engineer in a past life? So who better to take a detailed look at jobsite bluetooth speakers and radios, and declare one of them to be the very best. Clint digs into the details of examples from Milwaukee, DeWALT, Bosch, and even a tiny Makita speaker that can be daisy chained up to 10 times, to fill every corner of the jobsite with “We don’t talk about Bruno”. Every option runs on their respective battery platforms, and offer bluetooth streaming if not a full radio. To find out which one sounds the best, head over to Pro Tool Reviews.

VCG Construction | World of Concrete / Milwaukee

Vince headed to Vegas a couple of weeks ago, for the annual World of Concrete convention, where he found Milwaukee, with an abnormally large booth this year. Typically we’d find big red in a small booth inside, but this year, look at that layout! Vince got his hands on Milwaukee’s two newly updated Gen 2 M18 FUEL SDS Plus Rotary Hammers in both 1” and 1 ⅛” versions. He also was able to try the new M18 FUEL Concrete Pencil Vibrator, and the new MX FUEL Briefcase Concrete Vibrator. Not something I would use every day, but you know, it’s red, says “MX FUEL” on the side, so I need one. Milwaukee is clearly taking concrete more seriously this year, and Vince has the story over at VCG Construction.

Tool Review Zone | Ryobi 40V Self Propelled 2-stage Snowblower

Mark Thomas isn’t the only one out in the snow this weekend. Although he just might be the only one mowing. But Clint found a better tool to deal with the white stuff, the Ryobi’s all new 40V HP Brushless Self Propelled 2-Stage Snow Blower. Clint previously showed off this new winter warrior back before he had any snow, but this time, had had nearly 15” dropped on his driveway, which made the perfect testing ground for Ryobi’s continued push into the upper end of OPE. Besides massive snow tossing power, the new 2 Stage model also includes some desirable features like the oversized row of LEDS for those dark snowstorms, and freak’n heated grips! We have one here as well, and I used it to clear the huge driveway at Rob’s house, and those heated grips were… muah. Chef’s kiss. Clint of course got to put it to use in much deeper snow than we got, and it did really well. The only weak link was the batteries. It needs 2 to run, and comes with 4 that will automatically switch over as you work. The problem is the batteries don’t last long enough for Clint, and the charger can only handle 2 at a time, taking an hour and a half to charge just one set. So, to completely recharge the snowblower, you need 3 hours. Not ideal if you have a heavy storm. Overall, Clint seemed incredibly happy with the new Ryobi, and he has some tips for determining if it would work for you. To find those, head over to the Tool Review Zone.

Den Of Tools | Doyle Vice

I don’t know if we’ve ever really covered vices before, but after watching Red over at The Den of Tools, I was suddenly compelled to go buy one. And it’s from… Harbor Freight. DON’T LEAVE! It turns out this is actually a good buy. This is a new line of Cast Iron Vice and Anvil from Doyle. So why is this a big deal? Well, the build quality is really good. There are several features that Jeff points out, but the biggest point is its price. It’s pretty much a clone of a 6” Bench and Pipe Vice from Wilton, that sells for over $500. But the Doyle? $199. That’s way closer to my bench vice budget. If you’ve been holding out for a high-quality vice, but want enough money left over to buy something to hold with it, this might be your chance. You can get the full story at The Den of Tools.

In case you missed it, last Saturday we had our very first Production Crew LIVE giveaway, where one lucky channel member got to choose one of 4 shelves, each loaded with over $2000 worth of brand-new power tools. And it was EPIC. We called the winner live in the middle of the show, and he answered, then we got him to join into the stream so we could see his face, and then let him choose his prizes.

It really was a great deal of fun, but it left us with an empty shelf for this month. However, fortunately for us, we know a lot of really talented YouTube Tradespeople who know their tools, and this month Rob Robillard from Tool Box Buzz will be filling the next shelf with $2,000 of his favorite tools. Rob will be on the show for the next 3 weeks, each time adding a few new tools to the shelf and telling us why he picked them. We’ll also be adding a bunch of Spyder bits and blades to make sure you have pro accessories to go with your pro tools. So be sure to join us each Friday for that! It would be way easier to remember if you just subscribed and clicked the notification bell.

Speaking of, did you find Jay’s Head? If you did, be sure to note the time stamp, and then send us an email to [email protected] within 60 minutes of our show going live, and we’ll randomly pick a winner to get a $50 gift card to Ohio Power Tool.

I want to thank EGO, and Ohio Power Tool for sponsoring this episode. Guys, we couldn’t do it without you. If you’re able, do something kind for someone else this weekend, and we’ll see you next week. 

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