BREAKING! New DeWALT Impacts announced, and do they HAVE to be THIS SMALL?! Power Tool News!

We’ve all seen this impact in the various leaks and Russian videos shot on a stale potato. All of which looked cartoonishly improbable. Well guess what fans. It’s real. And it’s not alone. Let’s GO!

Today DeWALT announced 4 all new additions to the DeWALT Atomic Compact Series 20V MAX lineup. Starting with the cutest darned impact ever made. 

This is the DeWALT DCF850 Atomic 20V Max 1/4in Brushless Cordless 3-Speed Impact Driver, and lets get right to the only feature you can think about. This super stubby is only 3.97 In Long, and I’m working HARD not to make any obvious size doesn’t matter jokes. But that thing is comically small. The battery is so much bigger, that I can only assume if you flip this in the air, it will always land right side up.

Of course in order to carry the Atomic name, you can’t just be tiny, you have to be mighty. And with the brushless motor delivering 1,825 in-lbs of torque and 3,250 rpm, I think the name is well deserved. Did I mention this thing is like… really , really small? It is.

You’ll be able to pick up the new 850 this Fall for $149 bare, or with 1 5ah battery charger and bag for $199, or $279 with two batteries.

But this tiny wonder didn’t show up alone. It was announced along side 3 new 20V Max Impact Wrenches, each delivering 300 Ft-Lbs of max tightening and 450 ft-lbs of max breakaway torque. And they hit these numbers while weighing in at just 2.5 lbs each. They’re also short at less than 5in in length, which makes them 28% more compact then the DCF894.

The unique Glass Filled Nylon housing helps resist the effects of harsh automotive chemicals and solvents, making it the perfect tool for things like grooved couplings, pipe flanges, concrete anchors, brake repair, engine bay work, suspension repair and more. They also feature custom modes like Precision Wrench for added control and TimberScrew which is a mode specifically for wood fastening and not a portland indy band. My bad.

The three impact wrenches include a ½” or ⅜” Hog Ring Anvil and a detent pin version, all for $199 each, bare, or in kits for $399 with one battery, or $499 with 2. 

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