BREAKING! Milwaukee Name Change? Can Nuron Win? Power Tool News!

THIS WEEK, Hilti Nuron gets it’s first swipe at Milwaukee, Mark Thomas convinces us to buy a corded tool, and Milwaukee has it’s biggest leak ever, and it involves Belts And Boxes. THIS is your power tool week in Review

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Workshop Addict | Metabo HPT

We don’t see many small air compressors that run on batteries, but this one does, OR you can plug it in, and once again we have Metabo HPT to thank for it.

This is the Metabo HPT 36V MultiVolt 2 Gallon Cordless air compressor, and Brian over at WorkshopAddict decided to test it out. With 135 Max PSI with 1.6 CFM at 90SPI and 2.3CFM at 45 PSI, it’s perfectly capable of covering a wide range of tools. Metabo HPT says it can drive over 1000 18 gauge brad nails on a single 4AH Multi Volt battery, which isn’t bad at all. 

Brian clearly likes the little guy, calling out it’s small form factor and strong frame, but there are a few things he’d still like to see changed. To find out what those are, head over to Workshop Addict.

Man Caver Tools | HILTI Nuron

Hilti invited a few of us out to Switzerland last October for a private unveiling of their all new 24V Nuron line of power tools. Two months ago we were finally allowed to tell you about it, we did in this video here. But this last week, the tools finally started to arrive in stores, and Hilti was kind enough to send a few of us an enormous crate with all of these tools. And while we’ve barely had time to unpack, Dave over at Man Caver Tools is already running head 2 heads.

This week he got his own crate of Hilti, and decided the best way to start was to throw their new Nuron impact into the deep end with Milwaukee. Dave ran them both through his typical impact torture tests including running some particularly evil lag bolts through a tree stump. These new Nuron tools are nothing like anything Hilti has offered before, and with Dave’s first video, the testing has only just begun. To see how it held up, head over to Man Caver Tools, and be sure to sub because he’s planning to run through the whole crate of tools.

Tools & Stuff | Makita Track Saws

THIS is the all new Makita HS004G, or GSH02 here in the states, 40V XGT Track Compatible Circular Saw. It’s not a plunge saw, but technically just a Makita GSH01 7 ¼” circular saw, but with a specialize base designed to run on a track saw rail. Well, not exactly.

It does have a modified tilt function so when you adjust to a bevel, it won’t cut through your track, which is nice. Tools does a great job of not only explaining the differences between this and a proper plunge saw, but also shows off a few other tools from Makita that can be adapted to ride the rail, including this awesome little guy that can use a track and it’s reverse bevel, to perfectly undercut a wall. I learned like 30 things watching this video, and highly recommend you check it out at Tools & Stuff.

Mark Thomas Builder | Bosch Track Saw

Mark, like the rest of us, really wanted a Milwaukee Track Saw, but there isn’t one. <pause> Just wanted to remind everyone of that. But instead of picking up a Makita or a Festool, Mark hit up Ebay’s certified refurbished program for a corded track saw, and I think he may just be on to something.

This is the Bosch GKT13-225 corded track saw. That cord, apparently leads to a plug, allowing you to pull electricity from your nearest wall. Fascinating. Literally zero batteries involved. The saw is powerful, packed full of features, and Mark takes his time walking you through each one. By the end, I’m not gonna lie, I was convinced that while the convenience of cordless is always welcome, it just isn’t’ necessary to enjoy all the benefits of a really great track saw. But you can decide yourself at Mark Thomas Builder.

Milwaukee Leak!

Milwaukee leaks. You don’t see them often on our channel, and until now, we couldn’t tell you why. Many of you noticed that when Milwaukee launched 12 new Air Tip videos on their own channel this week, the music they used, was familiar. Yes, that’s our theme song. So why is Milwaukee using it in their videos, well…Today, Belts And Boxes is proud to announce our acquisition of the Milwaukee Brand from TTI.

We’ve been working on this deal for MONTHS now, and it’s been hard to keep it a secret. Our first order of business was to use our own theme song in all of Milwaukee’s video content. Next, we’re renaming the company, Columbus, because we felt that being named Milwaukee and located in Milwaukee was a little on the nose. But we’re not done yet, we’re also increase the Milwaukee Tax on the full lines of tools, because to be frank, yall still gonna buy’em. We also asked the team to fast track the track saw, and they all just looked confused, so we’re not sure yet what to make of that. We have many more changes yet to come. If you guys thought these tools looked hot in red, wait till you see our limited edition line in fushia. BAM! I know this is a bit shocking, but it’s true. We already have Tshirts.

OR, Milwaukee just paid 8 bucks for that song, just like us, and it was a total coincidence, and now we are using that to roll that into a promo for our new merch store.

Torque Test Channel | 18V vs 24V

When you go to choose a battery platform, do you worry about choosing an 18V, when 24V is an option? Should you? The team at Torque Test channel wanted to find out.

To research this, they decided to try a few budget friendly ½” impact wrenches, one 18v from SKIL, and a 24V from Kobalt. Both were about the same price and size, but not the same amount of power. To further complicate the results, they added a Greenworks model as well. The results were interesting to say the least. After a full run of testing, we find out from future Torque, that one of these eventually bit the dust. He also spends the last few minutes of the video explaining why Volts, isn’t the only number that matters on power tools. You can see the full explanation at torque test channel.

Hayes Machinery | Milwaukee Vs Milwaukee

The boys at Hayes Machinery are back at it again, this time pitting Milwaukee Hammer Drills, against their SDS drills, and things go exactly as you expect. 

“I’ve done something wrong” They start by testing their M12 versions in some concrete, after they sort out which end is better. And once they get started, they clearly forget they’re on camera, and simply go nuts with power tools. Did you expect anything else? The testing revealed some pretty impressive results, even for the simple hammer drills. And as an added bonus, we get a quick tip at the end that clearly James wasn’t even aware of. For the full test head over to Hayes Machinery.

Production Crew Update

Spyder saw all the new, yet to be released tool from FLEX, and immediately sent over the pro accessories our winner will need to use them. That includes Their 7 ¼” Carbide Tipped Tarantula framing blade, their 7” diamond edge cut off wheel so you can use your flex rear handle circular saw to hack through metal rebar, angle iron, brick and more. They’re also including this awesome Stinger Spade Bit set with 14 pieces and a case, and finally their Spyder Mach-Blue plated Stinger 10-piece drill bit set, our absolute favorites. All of those will go on our Flex shelf, and you’ll find Spyder pro accessories on our Makita, Milwaukee, and Tool Box Buzz shelf as well. Each shelf has over $2,000 worth of power tools, and every month, we choose a random channel member, and let them choose which shelf they take home. If you’d like to join our Production Crew, just subscribe to our channel, and then click the “join” button next to the subscribe button for your options. 

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