BREAKING! Milwaukee just launched a REMOTE CONTROLLED Search Light they promised over 2 YEARS ago!

Way WAY back at NPS 2019, we got our first peek at a Milwaukee light that was unlike anything we had seen before. Sure it was durable and bright, but for the first time ever, this was a searchlight that was remote controlled. LETS GO!

We’ve been waiting 2 years for this thing to finally arrive, and based on the numbers alone, it was worth the wait!

This is the all new Milwaukee M18 Utility Remote Control Search Light. Specifically designed for Power utility professionals, but let’s be honest. WE ALL WANT ONE MILWAUKEE. It can be easily mounted to a bucket truck, or attached to it’s portable base. It’s super bright led light produces up to 1,250 yards of beam distance, a fantastic 4,250 lumens, and runs for up to 3.5 hours. 

Of course it’s IP56 rated and sports an impact and weather-resistant lens. But of course all you care about is that joystick remote. That will give linemen the complete control over the lights positioning and can switch from spot mode for patrolling and tracking lines, to flood mode for larger applications. 

But something this cool can’t come cheap right? Don’t worry. It doesn’t. The Milwaukee M18 Utility Remote Control Search Light Kit will include the light, a 12V DC permanent Base, the M18 portable base, an M18 12.0HD Battery, Rapid charger, remote, dsh mount, lanyard and of course, a contractor bag. All for $1,149.

You can buy the light bare for $749, or with just the bases and accessories for $949.

If you can swing that, you’ll be able to pick one up in November.

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