BREAKING! Milwaukee just broke its promise, (AGAIN) but it may be for the best.

So Milwaukee’s claim to never putting two M18 batteries on their tools, as slowly eroded away. Starting with their 36V M18 Mower, then their 36V M18 Vacs, and today, we add yet another tool that would obviously benefit from 36 volts of power. Let’s go!

THIS is the all new Milwaukee M18 FUEL Dual Battery Blower. And yes, that’s the official name. DUAL Battery. They’re not even being subtle anymore. And yes, this thing is running at 36V, which is how they’re getting some pretty big numbers like 600 CFM, and 145 MPH. But there’s more to the power story than that. Just like their M18 Mower, this blower claims to jump from zero to hero in less than a second. Every battery-powered blower we’ve used has a slow ramp up, but this M18 Dual Battery Blower should reach 600 CFM in .56 seconds. So what you ask? 

Well, if you’re using this at home, like we do, you’re not likely to be bothered by a slow ramp up. To be honest, I’ve never really noticed it before. But if you’re a pro landscaper and you’re always in a hurry, I would assume a quick ramp up would be a useful feature.

Milwaukee also claims to have consistent power while working through a battery, while its competitors tend to lose power as the battery gets lower. Another pro preferred feature. 

But how long will it last? Well, at full power, 2 M18 12AH batteries would last 26 minutes, which is very good, but I don’t want to think about how heavy that would be. A more realistic solution would be a pair of 6.0 High Output batteries, which would last 13 minutes at full blast, or 33 minutes at mid throttle. 

So it’s a Milwaukee M18 600 CFM blower, which is a huge leap over their current 450 CFM and 120MPH  M18 FUEL Single battery blower. But most importantly, I think we can all agree that Milwaukee is officially over the “We’re a single battery platform” crusade, which can only be a good thing. When we asked them about it, they essentially said that moving forward, there will be tools that require a continuously high draw, and if that means they need two M18 batteries, that’s what they’ll get. What tool do you think will be the next DUAL Battery M18 solution? Let me know in the comments. 

You’ll be able to get this one, bare, for $299, in August. 

But this wasn’t the only new power tool news this morning. Ryobi also announced an expansion in their 18V One+ HP line, with an all new compact Brushless 6 ½” Circular Saw.

It features 32% faster cutting than… slower stuff. A top speed of 4,900 RPM, 2 ¼” cutting depth and zero to 50 degree bevel capacity. It’s also 25% lighter than comparable saws that are 33% heavier. Do the math boys. It also has onboard LEDs, Vacuum dust adapter, and Ryobi’s 3 year warranty. All for only $119 this September. 

Ryobi also announced a new 40V HP 26” Hedge Trimmer that looks a LOT like the HART versions we’re already obsessed with. That rotating handle is FIRE. This new 26” version with a 1.5” cut capacity is available this month for $319 with a single 2ah battery and rapid charger. 

Oh and one last thing.

Milwaukee also announced their new FALL line of 2022 Workwear, including a new midweight pullover hoodie for $54.97, a new Heavy Duty Sherpa-lined Vest for $79.97, and a new Gridiron Snapback Trucker Hat for $24.97, in either Grey or Black.

They’ll all launch next month.

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