BREAKING! Milwaukee dropped this insane new tool on us on a FRIDAY? New Power Tool News!

I know you think you have the Milwaukee logo on everything in your life, but as it turns out, you’re wrong. Today Milwaukee announced this thing. Any idea what it is yet? Let’s Go!

THIS is the Milwaukee 6” Levleing Tripod Chain Vice. It’s super quick to setup, and it’s so stable, it needed it’s own trademark Milwaukee all caps name, with a missing letter. This time it’s STABLE LOK. Neat. This thing folds flat and it’s easy to carry. Once deployed you lock down your pipe with the chains, and get to work doing this,


or even this!

And I know what you’re thinking. Rob, I don’t work with pipe! But don’t let that stop ya son! Now thanks to Milwaukee you’ll have a $459.99 reason to start, this February.

Not enough? You’ll also be able to spend $99.99 on a lower shelf, $144.99 on a PVC Coated Pipe Jaw, $124.99 on a StainlessSteel Pipe Jaw, or $64.99 on a standard jaw. 

I don’t need this thing, but I know a bunch of you electricians, plumbers and mechanical contractors do, so if this is a game changer for you, tell me why in the comments below.

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