Breaking! Milwaukee defends against FLEX, Makita, DeWALT, and Metabo HPT!

THIS WEEK, We find the best Rear Handle circular saw, Makita’s Metal cutting Monster is put to the test, Cordless Ratchets make no sense, and Rob left me alone in the studio again… Let’s go! 

Welcome back Power Tool Fans, I am Sarah and Rob is out this week enjoying a much deserved few days off. We have a lot to get to today, so let’s start off with Rob Robillard and the battle of the best Rear Handle Circular Saw of 2022. 

Tool Box Buzz | Rear Handle Head 2 Head

Rob and his team of professional tradesmen have come together once again this time to test 6 rear handle circular saws from Milwaukee, FLEX, DeWALT, Makita, and a Metabo HPT.

The team tested the typical, Accuracy, Performance, and Features, but they also covered things like Weight, Noise, Price, and value, which are just as important when choosing the right saw for you. Each one was equipped with a brand new 24 tooth 7 ¼” blade and then run through an assortment of scientific testing like only TBB can. As always you can find a detailed write up on their website, when you’re done watching the full review on Tool Box Buzz. 

Shop Tool Reviews | SKIL Rear Handle

Not every rear handle cordless saw made it into the TBB testing. But fortunately Tim over at Shop Tool Reviews, has one more for your consideration.

THIS, as we’ve all seen before, is the new SKIL 2x20V PWR CORE 20 XP Brushless 7-1/4” Rear Handle Circular Saw. That right there, are two PWRCore 20 Batteries, running at 40V. This new contender comes from a long line of famous rear handles, previously under the title of Skilsaw. The new entry level saw isn’t really entry level at all, and Tim proves it with several tests, and a detailed rundown of its features. To find out how it did go watch Tim’s review at Shop Tool Review. 

Tools & Stuff | Makita Metal Cutting Saw

I literally have zero use cases for a metal cutting saw….And believe me after watching this next video, I have tried to come up with one…because I NEED this. 

THIS, is the all new Makita 40v MAX XGT Brushless, Cordless 7 ¼” Metal Cutting Saw, and it was put to the test by our own Tools of Tools and Stuff. To test it he runs it through rebar, stainless tubing, angle iron, some corten steel, and then compares those cuts to cuts made by his grinder to see if the new monster is really as clean and cool as they claim it to be. I’m telling you, after watching him cut through all the metal, I really want this saw, but of course, as most Makita tools found at Tools and Stuff, this one isn’t yet available in the states. So until then, you and I both will need to settle for watching this video over at Tools and Stuff. Oh, and you are going to want to watch until the end.Trust me.

Torque Test Channel | Ratchet Testing

The Talented team of torque testing titans have taken on the task of testing cordless ratchets this week and there are some interesting turns in this one. 

The TTC team threw a large variety of ratchets from multiple brands and price ranges into the ring and after running each of them through a series of tests they were left a little surprised with the rankings. If you go off of claims from the manufacturers alone you may be disappointed with your purchase. So before you go buy your new ratchet, head over to the Torque Test Channel to figure out which one would actually be best for you. 

Production Crew Update | Meet Up!

A casual meet and great to celebrate the graduation of one of our production crew members. At a bare minimum, Rob and I are going to be at Ohio Power tool to $540 gift card that the production crew all contributed to. So it naturally made sense to open it up to anyone who would like to come, shop at OPT, meet Rob and I, and congratulate Christian on his graduation.

So our buddy Jay plans to get the grill out, and there will be hot dogs and drinks for anyone who wants them. So let us know in the comments below if you can make it so we know how much food to cook. If you will be in the central Ohio area, between 3-5, we would love the chance to meet you. Congrats to Christian Ness on graduating high school, we are excited to see what you do next. 

Finish Carpentry TV | Milwaukee Routers

I have a few more videos I don’t want you to miss, but I also want to be done doing the show by myself, so I am going to get through them quickly…

First, Richard from Finished Carpentry TV just pushed a pair of Milwaukee trim routers through about 2 miles over flooring goodness. Couple things, uhm, no thank you! And how are you still so happy at the end of it Richard? After a very long day of beveling this is what Richard had to say…8:06 “they really hung in there for us today and I cannot believe it.” You really should go check it out and support his channel with a sub. 

Tools In Action | EGO 52″ Zero Turn Mower

Dan and Eric got a hold of EGO’s new 52″ zero turn riding mower and run through what they love, what they hate, whose lawn is better, and why having unlimited power is worth the change to electric. If you disagree, and want to argue with them in the comments, tell them I sent you. Oh and Dan, your yard is totally fine…don’t listen to what other people think.

Tool Rev | DeWALT Vs Milwaukee

Tool Rev compares the DeWALT Flexvolt 71/4″ Circular saw with the Milwaukee Fuel 7 1/4″ Circular saw and after ripping them through hundreds of feet of 2×10 material he declared the obvious winner…But that wasn’t enough he also brings in his old Makita corded 50007MGA sidewinder. 

Tool Review Zone | Ryobi 40V String Trimmer

And finally, Clint takes a quiet look at Ryobi’s Whisper Series 40V String Trimmer and for the most part really loves the calming silence of the thing without compromising power. For the full review don’t miss his video at Tool Review Zone. 

I want to thank SKIL and OPT for sponsoring this episode. Guys we couldn’t do this without you. If you guys enjoyed this episode, I’d appreciate a thumbs up. If you love it, I hope you subscribe. Alright guys, if you can, do something kind for someone else this weekend, we will see you next week. 

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