BREAKING! Milwaukee Announces THE WRECKER®! Plus RYOBI reveals a new SDS Plus Rotary Hammer!

Well this is a great way to start off the week in power tool news! Ryobi and Milwaukee both have something new to share, and quite frankly, after a long weekend, I’m ready for any tool news I can get. Right boys? Let’s go!

OK, you guys know the drill, RYOBI is up first. And today they just announced the all new RYOBI 18V ONE+ HP… which stands for Hujungus POWAH!… Compact Brushless ⅝” SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer. This times they’re shockingly claiming to have more power.

The new Rotary Hammer features a brushless motor, delivering up to 6,200 BPM, both rotary hammer and drill modes, all in a tiny 11.4” package, and weighing 43% lighter than the full size 1” version. So great big power, ittdy bitty tool case.

The new Ryobi 18V ONE+ Hujungus POWAH Compact Brushless ⅝” SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer is launching this month, and comes in at only $149 for the bare tool.

Milwaukee of course can’t have Ryobi stealing the spotlight on a Monday morning, so they launched a set of quote “groundbreaking sawzall blade solutions!”

THIS is the Wrecker with Nitrus Carbide SAWZALL blade. The longest-lasting fastest cutting, and most versatile blade for demolition and remodeling jobs. It features a 6TPI design, so it’s clearly going for speed, plowing through wood, metals, and abrasives, making this, in Milwaukee’s words “The best demolition blade on the market”, which is a bold move considering they’re not on the market yet. But they will be later this month, so you know. Makes sense.

They say the blad eliminates the need for blade changes by simply cutting through everything, including thick metal. Their unique carbide blend, called “Nitrus Carbide” is the secret sauce allowing it to cut fast and last long. It also dissipates heat better than any non-nitrus blade in the industry.

As I mentioned before, they come out later this month, in 6”, 9” and 12” versions for $15.97, $19.97, and $24.97 respectively.

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