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THIS week, Tim gets a look at some really small solutions from DeWALT, We figure out whatever this thing is from Makita, and see if Ingersoll Rand can dethrone Milwaukee! Those stories and a bunch more on the Power Tool Week In Review! 

Shop Tool Reviews | DeWALT Atomic

Welcome back power tool fans, we have super-sized episode this week! And it all starts over at Shop Tool Reviews, where Tim opened up a present from the good folks at DeWALT. Earlier this week they sent out a special ToughSystem 2.0 box, with three new Atomic Tools inside. We got one too, and these things are comically small. Which is a good thing when you’re working in tight spaces, but you still need a lot of power. And according to Tim, they’re living up to the hype “but these are very impressive for the size as I mentioned less than 4 lbs and 5in long and this little impact driver is just absolutely tiny so its very handy to carry around and still be able to do the amount of work they’ll put out.” Tim says he’s planning a full review of each tool, so be sure to sub so you don’t miss them.”

Torque Test Channel | Ingersoll Rand W9000

Something BIG is going down this week at TTC, and by big, we mean BIG. THIS is the Ingersoll Rand W9000 Series 1” 20V 6” Extended High Torque Cordless Anvil Impact Wrench. And trust me, it’s earned a name that long. The team at Torque Test Channel had to build a whole new rig just to test this ridiculous thing, and the results were amazing. They should be. IR claims to bring a mind-bending 2,200 ft lbs of tightening torque, and 3,000 ft lbs of nut busting torque. But that power doesn’t exactly come in a tiny little box. This beast is over 26” long, and weighs in at nearly 13lbs with batteries. But if TTC has taught us anything, it’s that the only true testament of power, are the results you get when you test every tool the same way. And if this one even does a half decent job, it might just push Milwaukee’s 1” D Handle off the top of the hill. To find out if it did, head over to Torque Test Channel.

Oz Tool Talk | Metabo Track Saw

The boys at Oz Tool Talk got a special package delivered from Total Tools this last week, this time they found an all-new Metabo track saw inside. This is the Metabo KT 18 LTX 66 BL plunge cut track saw. It has a cutting depth of 66 mm, which is… oh let’s say 2ft. Ok, how deep is 66mm? I’m just kidding it’s like 2 9/16”, which is great for a 6 ½” blade. Now we actually have an older Metabo track saw here, but ours isn’t cordless. The brushless motor on the Metabo runs on their 18V battery platform which is part of the CAS or Cordless Alliance System, so you can use any CAS battery on this saw. And of course it’s packed with features that just scream German Engineering. Look at that Depth Adjustment. It’s a variable speed saw from 2,250 to 5000 rpm. It has an adjustable fit on the guide rails for maximum precision. Remote control for the vac. Fast Brake. Viewing window. The list just goes on and on. Now we had a hard time finding this guy for sale here in the states, but it’s out there for around $469. But before you pull the trigger, be sure to watch Oz Tool Talk first. 

Pro Tool Reviews | Milwaukee FLEX Mountain

Our buddy Kenny over at Pro Tool Reviews has been MIA for the last few weeks, but he’s back and said he was dealing with a “common medical leave” . . . calf Implants. But we’re glad he’s back and healthy, and his first order of business was to try out the new “Climbing the Mountain” challenge created by Josh. And to do the mountain justice, he chose two flagship impacts from the likes of Milwaukee and FLEX. The challenge involves racing to drive in a series of really large lag bolts and screws, in an attempt to crown a king of the mountain. These two rivals are both well equipped to take on this task. Perhaps too well equipped. Because rarely do you see two competitors this close. The results are very likely to surprise you… and piss you off a little. For the full climb head over to Pro Tool Reviews.

Mark Thomas Builder | Milwaukee Lights

Mark over at Mark Thomas Builder has quite the impressive collection of Milwaukee lights, ranging from a Milwaukee flashlight, all the way up to the popular PACKOUT light. I feel like lights don’t get their fair moment in the sun. Fortunately Mark shed some LIGHT on his favorite lighting solutions from Milwaukee Tool and after watching his video I can confidently say my day was made brighter for it. I’m just glad someone is finally detailing the lighter side of Milwaukee. For a closer look at Mark’s favorite lights, head over to Mark Thomas Builder.

Tools and Stuff | Makita Rebar

Ok while Sarah’s brain resets, the disembodied hands over at tools and stuff have something unusual this week. A Makita tool we have here in the states! That’s the Makita Cordless Rebar Tying Tool, and 18V replacement for raw fingers and a broken back. This is a highly specialized tool, for a very specific task. We got a chance to try it ourselves way back in WoC 2019, and it was oddly satisfying using a big tool to tie adorable bows on rebar. Without this tool, you’re often stuck walking from cross to cross, bending down and then twisting on the wire by hand, and I’ve yet to meet anyone who loves that job. If it’s a job you have, this is a really great solution to many different problems. For a very detailed look at how the tool works, head over to Tools and Stuff.

VCG Construction | Bosh Profactor

We got to see some peak Vince this week, as he found a bunch of BOSCH reps anxious to show off their new Profactor tools, but they didn’t seem ready for Vince! He takes his time hearing their pitch, for some of his favorite new Bosch tools including the SDS-Plus 1 ¼” Rotary Hammer, the SDS MAX 1 9/16” rotary hammer, and the Strong Arm Circular Saw. And while they were ready with their pitch, Vince had some hard questions for them, that they couldn’t quite answer. At one point, a dust hood didn’t really do it’s job, and while Vince tried to let the guy off the hook, the rep went another way… “We do have a …. Little bit of particulate. What happened there? I think it was operator error.” “Yeah” “He threw me under the bus!” Struggles aside, Vince does go on to demo his three favorite tools, and just like the rest of the new Bosch Profactor line, they still look very promising. Hopefully, Vince will bring a few back to the VCG testing grounds for a proper review really soon. 

Bantro Builds | Makita 36v vs 40v track saws

If you guys weren’t around for our 100k Sub Live show, you missed the introduction of our YouTube Members program called Production Crew. Members get to meet with Sarah and I on a members only video each week, where they join us in our process of choosing the content we’ll use in our upcoming show. By adding more people to the process, we hoped to find more channels and content that we might have otherwise missed. And this week, a Production Crew Member named Christian, pointed us to this guy.

This is Troy, and his Youtube channel is called Bantro Builds. He’s another tool reviewer in New Zeland, where I can only assume they grow them on trees! In this particular video, he compares his Makita LXT 36V X2 track saw, to the all new Makita XGT 40V track saw. Once again, another Kiwi with more Makita than me. Troy is a builder apprentice, and he started his channel specifically to inspire others to get into the trades. And What better way to do that than to show off some power tools! In this case, we get a direct comparison between the features and ergonomics of the LXT and the XGT, with a full performance review still in the works. Now the last time we found a small YT channel that was creating great content, that was  M4 Drums and builds, and we asked you guys to go give his channel and chance, and sub if you liked it. You guys gave him a 600 subscriber bump. Today he’s about to hit 900. So I’m hoping you guys would be kind enough to do that again this week with Troy. If you love Makita stuff, head over to Bantro Builds, and give him a shot at a sub.

Quick Reviews

There were so many great videos this week, but we’re running out of time so we’re going to run through a couple honorable mentions, including Dave over and Man Caver Tools that was so confident in the capabilities of the Milwaukee M12 Drill Driver, that he tested it against a group of 18V competitors,

Brian at Workshop Addict got his hands on the DeWALT XTREME 12V Sub-Compact 5 in 1 Drill Kit and seems pretty excited about it, and Todd over at Project Farm set out to discover which Screwdriver Set is worth your money, something we all could use. 

And last of all, I have a weird addiction to tools I definitely don’t need, and the boys over at Hayes Machinery found another one. This time they’re testing the AS Motor AS 600 MultiPro Carrier, an absolute monster from Germany, that is built to take on the absolute worst brush your property can muster up, and I’m telling you, I HAVE some really crazy brush here, Ok that’s enough for today. 


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