BREAKING! EGO’s SHOCKING new Motor, is the END of Honda and Briggs and Stratton. Power Tool News!

THIS week, Doc from Last Best Tool Shares a unique collection of tools with us. TTC puts the gigantic 15ah DeWALT battery on the smallest DeWALT tools it can find, and James proves he’s living in the year 3000, with EGO tech that could literally change the Industry, forever. THIS is your Power Tool Week In Review! 

Welcome back power tool fans, today we have a ton of new videos for you to enjoy, starting over at Man Caver Tools…

Man Caver Tools | DeWALT Chainsaw

…where Dave found himself in a pickle. You see Dave uses large tree stumps for his typical tool testing, but he has run out of testing space. So he picked up a new DeWALT Chainsaw to cut some more cookies. Now DeWALT has a 60V MAX 16” chainsaw already, and an 18” and 20” 60V on the way. But Dave didn’t need all that power, so he went for portability with this little fella. That’s the DeWALT 20V MAX XR 12in Compact Chainsaw. While this thing is small, the bar is still twice the size of the Milwaukee Hatchet, making it better suited for cutting up these larger logs. And after a day of hacking up stumps, what did Dave think? So if you’re in need of a smaller but capable chainsaw for the DeWALT platform, the 12” will likely fit the bill. You can catch the full review over at Man Caver Tools. 

Torque Test Channel | DeWALT 15AH

Speaking of DeWALT, there’s a new battery in their lineup and it just landed in stores. How do we know? You could feel it in the earth’s crust. THAT is the DeWALT 15AH Flexvolt battery, the DCB615. The four and a half pound lunch box obviously has the largest capacity every on a DeWALT, but does the extra juice affect performance, well fortunately for us, Torque Test and Channel, the Torque Testing Trio from the Torque Test Channel are on the case. After loading it onto their test bench by crane, they proceeded to try the monster out on a series of DeWALT impact wrenches including the comically small DCF921, and even took it for a spin on the MAC High Torque Impact Wrench. They set out to see if the biggest battery means the biggest gains. I’m not going to spoil the results for you. For those, head over to the Torque Test Channel… where they test torque. On Tuesdays. Maybe. I don’t know. 

Last Best Tool | 10 Favorite Snap On Tools

Our next stop comes courtesy of our Production Crew, the YT Members program here at Belts and Boxes who help us curate our show each week. These hands belong to Doc of the channel, Last Best Tool. Doc likes to focus on high quality hand tools. And this week he shared a list of his top 10 favorite Snap on tools. What caught our attention was his pitch for this list. “they really perform. And I’m thrilled. And they’re on my list of things that if they I lost them or they broke and I couldn’t get them replaced, I’d go buy the exact same tool again.” I really like that premise. How many tools do YOU own that if you lost it, you’d immediately go out and replace it with the exact same tool? In Doc’s case that includes a few Snapon Pry Bars,  a pick, pliers, hammer, and more. For his complete list, visit Last Best Tool, and if you have a tool of your own that’s just as important to you, tell me about it in the comments below.

Hayes Machinery | EGO Motor

This year we started watching the Hayes Machinery channel from the UK, where they seem to enjoy OPE more than anyone else we know. And because they’re in a totally different market, we often get to see things we can’t get, or even tools that may be in our future. In a video from a few weeks ago, James showed us a new piece of tech from EGO, that could be a HUGE deal for the OPE industry. That is an 200cc equivalent, EGO Modular motor. And They’re selling it to other OPE manufacturers, who are using it like they would a Honda or Briggs and Straton engine. That is to say, they’re putting it on their own lawn equipment and instantly making it electric.

Holy Crap. Did you hear what I just said? With California banning small gas engines, all of those OPE manufacturers are going to need to look for an alternative, and EGO just freak’n stepped up. And yeah, all I can really think about is tricking EGO into sending us one of these so we can finally build an EGO powered go-kart. This really is huge news. Thanks James!

Then last week, Hayes shared another video, this time they got some hands on experience at a demo day with AS Motor, Eliet, and Koppl. And AS Motor brought several new tools powered by the EGO Motor. As if that wasn’t already exciting enough, they also showed off a bunch of Robot mowers that look just as ready to take on the apocalypse, as they do your backyard. Now because these are UK market tools, including the EGO motor, we don’t have much access to information on them. But if you’d like to know more, I’m sure James can help you out over at Hayes Machinery.

Shop Tool Review | Christmas

With the holidays in full swing, it’s time for all of your favorite tool channels to start publishing Gift Guides for the tool lover in your house. Well Tim Johnson over at Shop Tool Reviews has you covered with a wide selection of power tool toys, ranging from an $8 bottle of Formula 88, to an $8,500 Fireball Tool Cast Iron Table, and a bunch of more affordable options in between. And he didn’t skimp on the options, with over 30 different gift ideas, making this a very useful 30-minute video. A perfect place to start your holiday shopping. 

731 Woodworks | 5 Woodworking Gifts Ideas

If the person on your gift list is a woodworker, 731 Woodworks has you covered with their 5 Woodworking Gift Ideas that Woodworkers will love. That’s a bold claim. With items like Bar Clamps from Bessey, Featherboards, 123 blocks, combination squares and a few other staples of every great woodworking shop, you really can’t go wrong with any of the choices.

Tools and Stuff | Top 5 Makita

Our next list isn’t a gift guide, but it could be if you’re buying for a Makita fan. The disembodied limbs over at Tools and Stuff, shared his Top 5 Makita Tools of 2021, and if anyone would know which Makita tools are the best of 2021, it would be those hands. His list includes a new XGT 40V Miter saw, and that tiny XGT circ saw he can’t stop talking about. For the rest of it, you should check out the video yourself. He also shared another video about the most exciting new tools coming from Makita in 2022, which we’ll point to as well. Mostly because a photo of Rob is in it.

Pro Tool Reviews | Holiday Gift Guide

And our very last stop is over at Pro Tool Reviews, where Kenny shares his own list of the Best Power tool Christmas Gifts from a wide range of brands including HART, RIDGID, DeWALT, FLEX, MAKITA, Greenworks… If you want to get completely freaked out by what looks like Clint dressed up as an elf, moving around the shop in every scene all while trying to focus on the gift suggestions Kenny is delivering straight faced…Yeah.

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