BREAKING! 8 New Power Tools Announced, and we’ve got’em all! Let’s GO!

Huge Monday Tool News Announcement Day! We’ve got something for everyone this morning! RYOBI turns up the pressure, Milwaukee expands the QUIK-LOK system with the most requested attachment ever, RIDGID gives us the hybrid job site fan we deserve and Milwaukee drops their ¼ sheet Random Orbit Sander! Let’s go!


First up, RIDGID, launched the all new R860721B 18V Hybrid Job site Fan. It delivers a strong 670 CFM, making it 40% more powerful than its predecessor. But as we’ve mentioned before, RIDGID has been taking noise very seriously recently, and they somehow found a way to keep this thing under 50dBa.

And of course being hybrid, it can either be run on a Ridgid battery, with a 6Ah delivering 7 hours on MAX speed, or you can plug it in, and run it on max speed for like… a bunch of hours. Literally millions. Amazing. There are 10 mounting options, including a keyhole, tripod mount, rebar holes, 2×4 clamp and like 6 more, probably. You can pick on up in June for only $79.


Next up, Ryobi has a pretty huge line of electric pressure washers, but apparently they didn’t think they were presury enough. So today they launched 3 new pressure washers, starting with this 1800 PSI 1.2 GPM electric washer. This tiny portable wonder is perfect for light duty applications like small driveways, decks, windows, patio furniture, campers, bikes, boats, etc.

It comes with a 15 degree nozzle and a turbo nozzle, which cleans up to 50% faster than a standard nozzles. Now I pity people with STANDARD nozzles. Peasants. It comes with a 20’ ultra flex hose that’s 50% lighter than hoses twice as heavy, and lets just say the phrase “ultra flex” is well deserved. It includes a soap applicator, and a spray wand with a ¼” quick connect nozzle coupler. You can pick up one now for $109.

But 1800 PSI… we can do better than that Ryobi. How about the new 2700 PSI 1.1 GPM Brushless Electric Pressure Washer! It’s got like 2,700 PSI! Did I tell you that already? It’s perfect for big driveways, decks, windows, patio furniture and more. It includes a 5 in 1 nozzle so you can easily change the spray pattern. Way better than having 5 individual nozzle you lose in the first week. Now you only have to lose 1! It can change between 15, 25, and 40 degrees, fan soap, and jet soap, which is specifically for washing your planes. It also includes a turbo nozzle which provides up to 50% faster cleaning than a sad, standard nozzle. The hand truck frame has large 12” flat-free wheels. The metal spray wand has ¼” quick connect capability, and you can have all of this power for only $319.

I can hear you now. That’s fine Rob.. for MOST people. But I need like… 300 psi more than that. Well RYOBI has you covered. THIS Is the all new RYOBI 3000 PSI 1.1 GPM Brushless Electric Pressure Washer! This is the most powerful RYOBI electric pressure washer to date! It’s built to blast through dirt, grime, oil, and other really gross stuff. It has the same cool nozzles as the 2700 PSI version, but you know… this one goes to 11. So if you absolutely positively have to have more power than your neighbor who got his RYOBI pressure washer last year, You can pick one up for $379.

Milwaukee NEWS

Moving on to Milwaukee! First up, is their popular QUIK-LOK system, which gets 3 new attachments coming this month and next. First up is the Brush cutter attachment, designed for demanding applications such as Tall grass, weeds, and thick brush.

It features a 4 tooth blade design, strong enough to cut down saplings and small diameter trees. Thankfully it includes a blade shield to deflect all those flying saplings. The brush cutter will be available this month for $149.

But far more interesting to us, are the two new brushes. If you’ve ever used a powered broom before, they’re amazing. And these two look just about perfect. First up is the Rubber Broom Attachment which is great for clearing rocks and other debris out of grass and off of hard surfaces without risking surface damage.

It boasts a wide 23” clearing capacity, which is capable of even moving large puddles of standing water, and snow up to 3” deep. And again, a guard to keep the bad stuff where you want it. The Rubber Broom Attachment will be available in June for $299.

And last of all, The new Bristle Brush Attachment is made for clearing unwanted material off pavement, blacktop, and sidewalks. It also sports a  23” clearing capacity, and the bristles are perfect for clearing out debris between cracks in sidewalks or pavement.

And something new to me, apparently the bristle brush is also great for the installation and maintenance of synthetic grass, for spreading and fluffing turf. Which means, there is literally a job-listing somewhere titled Turf Fluffer. Time to order new business cards Sarah! You can pick up the new Bristle Brush Attachment next month, for $279.

And finally, the sander a select few of you have been waiting for. THIS is the all new Milwaukee M18 Orbital ¼ SHEET sander, and right off the bat it claims to offer the lowest vibration and best dust collection in it’s class. HECK YEAH! Aimed directly at replacing corded options, this new Orbital sander buzzes along at a healthy 11,000 to 13,000 orbits per minute, providing a stain grade orbital finish.

Super low vibration, a durable dust bag and a universal hose adapter for dust control, and a super fast two step clamp system for sandpaper changes. This high power sander is specifically designed for professional carpenters who need to leave the best finish while removing the least amount of material. You can pick one up for yourself next month for $119. 

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