BREAKING! 28 New Power Tools Announced from Milwaukee, DeWALT, RIDGID and RYOBI!

Good lord have we got a big tool news day for you. DeWALT has new ratchets, Milwaukee introduced a new concrete vibrator, pry bars, new hammers, and hose picks. I said hose. RIDGID announced new ratchets of their own, and a few new high torque impact wrenches, and while we were gone on our trip the last two weeks, RYOBI announced 5 new one plus products. So why not cram them all into one big video of Power Tool greatness amirite? Let’s go!

RYOBI Breaking News!

Let’s start with the older stuff first. On the 30th, Ryobi announced 5 new ONE+ tools, starting with a line of random orbit sanders, including a 5” with 40% reduced vibration, 10,000 orbits per minute, on-board dust collection and multiple grip zones for $59 bare.

Then there’s the corner cat (did they call it a cat because their tongues are like sand paper?) it has 50% less vibration, a features a handy triangular base for sanding in those tiny corners. Maybe cats sleep in corners? Mine doesn’t. Murder cloud is usually out biting the heads off of chipmunks to impress me, and it works.

Anyways, the 18V One+ Corner Cat is only $49 bare. And of course you can’t release a new round orbit sander, and a… cat… sander, without including a ¼ sheet sander, so here it is. This one features 14,000 OPM, and has the same awesome dust collection and grip zones. Love me some grip zones. This guy is $59 as well. 

But Ryobi wasn’t done, they also announced a new 4.5” Angle Grinder. Once again Ryobi promises 25% more power than anything with 20% less. Don’t make me prove this in the comments, because I’ll do it. It also features tool free adjust able guard, and on board wrench storage. The side handle can move to three different positions depending on the job, and you can pick one up in May for only $59.97. Why they put the extra 97 cents on this one, but not the sanders, is another one of those Ryobi mysteries. 

Ryobi’s last new tool is their 120W soldering iron, which heats up in less than 90 seconds, it has a 3ft reach, which is perfect for things 3ft away, temperature control running from 400 to 900 degrees, easy tool-less tip changes and because it’s resting on it’s own battery, you can easily take it to the work, instead of dragging your work to the iron. It’s coming in may as well, for only $49.97. Again with the 97 cents so this must be a good one. 

RIDGID Breaking News!

Moving on to RIDGID, because you know full well I have to put Milwaukee last if you’re going to watch this video at all. 

First up, a trio of 18V Brushless ½” Impact Wrenches, one high torque and a pair of mids. The High Torque claims a very respectable 1,300 ft lbs of breakaway, and 900 ft lbs of fastening torque, 3 speeds and an auto tightening mode that auto stops when it auto. Ought too. Ugh. It comes with a friction Ring anvil, and slides in just under $250. That means $249. 

Now the mid torques are identical, with the only difference being a friction ring on one, and a pin detent on the other, so you can pick your poison. Each one boasts 650 ft lbs of breakaway and 500 ft lbs of fastening torque, and have the same 3 speeds and auto tightening modes as their previously mentioned bigger brother. Noice. And because the Torque Test channel is so fast, they already posted a review of the mid-torque yesterday, and the results were pretty good. We’ll link to that video right here. They also noted that they’ll be reviewing the big one soon. The two mid-torques are obviously available now, for only $199 each.

But RIDGID isn’t done! Because the best new tools comes in 2 sets of 3s (look it up) they also announced 3 new cordless brushless ratchets, including ¼”, ⅜” and ½” versions. If you’ve never tried a cordless ratchet before, let me tell you… chefs kiss my friends, so I have high hopes for these three. The power they offer goes up with their anvil size, from 45, to 55 and 60 respectively. The RPM naturally goes the other direction, with 325 on the ¼”, 250 on the ⅜ and 175 on the ½”, which in my experience is plenty fast. They all feature ergonomic designs, two finger variable speed triggers, LED lights and more. As a bare tool, the ¼” or the ⅜”  will cost you $179, while the ½ comes in at $199. All three will be available in kit form as well at Home 

DeWALT Breaking News!

Ok, time for Milwaukee!…. RIGHT after DeWALT. You can hate me in the comments boys. DeWALT just announced an expansion to their 12V MAX XTREME and 20V MAX ATOMIC lineups, with new cordless ratchets. The 12V comes in ¼”, ⅜” and a very very welcome ⅜” extended reach configuration, with an extra 3.9in reach. Sweet. They all feature a powerful 40 ft lb max torque brushless motor, except for the 3/8in extended reach, which gets 60 ft lbs. Get that one. 

On the 20V side of things, we have the new 20V MAX Atomic ratches in both ½” and 3/8in versions, each with 70 ft lbs of torque. Being part of the atomic line means they’ve got 20V power, but come in itty bitty package. I don’t think they use that language in their marketing materials but I think they should. Thoughts? All models come with LED lights, variable speed triggers and trigger locks so they don’t accidentally go off in your tool box. 

The first 2 12v ratchets are available now, with the 12v ¼” or ⅜” ringing in at $179 each, and the 12V max ⅜” extended reach coming in a few days, at $189. Both of the 20V Atomics are available now for $199 each. 

Milwaukee Breaking News!

Ok, y’all ate your veggies, let’s get to dessert.

Milwaukee, the tool brand you either hate, love, or love to hate, or something like that, announced several exciting new things, starting with this sick MX FUEL concrete vibrator, that like 3 of you actually need. But all three of you are gonna be pretty pumped. The new MX FUEL vibrator includes a cold start feature that works up to -4 below, push button start, wireless remote, shoulder strap and lanyard hook, and it’s compatible with Oztec Accessories, which you know, sound like great accessories.

For power, we’re looking at 11,200 vibrations per minute, or VPM to us concrete guys. Shut up Austin. It weighs only 23lbs, can handle up to a 2 ½” head, and a 21’ shaft. There was no other way to write that guys, grow up. Speaking of, when it launches in May, Milwaukee will offer heads in 1”, 1 ½”, 2” and 2 ½” sizes, ranging from $199 to $399. And Whips in 7’, 10’, 14’ and 21’, ranging from $229 all the way up to $449. 

Oh but you’ll have to buy the MX FUEL Vibrator as well, which comes in at a cool $2,199. I’ll let the real concrete guys argue that price in the comments. 

Milwaukee also announced 4 new pry bars in 8”, 12”, 18”, and 24” sizes. Each one with an all-metal core, built in hammer ready strike cap, and a comfortable tri-lobe handle. Gotta have that tri-lobe boys. They’ll all be available in may individually or as a full set for only $74.97.

Milwaukee is also adding a few new additions to their hammer line up, including a new 16oz smooth face hybrid claw hammer, a 20oz Smooth face steel rip claw hammer, and a 28oz milled face framing hammer. 

And finally, Milwaukee Hook and Pick sets, something every mechanic already has, but Milwaukee wants you to buy new ones. So they designed all new hose picks that offer puncture protection flat hose picks to keep you from damaging them when you’re loosening, pulling and prying at them. Just like me, these all feature an all metal core for up to 50% more durability, a larger shank, and a more durable tip.

The comfort grip handles offer more control, while resisting harsh chemicals. Each pick offers a specific angle for different applications, including 90 degree, 45 degree, flat and hook hose pick types. They’re all chrome-plated for superior rust protection and backed by a lifetime guarantee. Hopefully that’s the lifetime of a good hand tool, and not the lifetime of a big dog, because that’s not really that long. 

You know, I’m not sure putting this much info into a breaking news segment is safe for me. Let’s wrap this up. The new 4pc hose pick set will be $39.99, the 8pc set is $49.99, and the mini hook and pick set is only $17.97. All of them will arrive later this month, or maybe they’re out now, I didn’t look. See ya Friday Guys. 

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