Bosch X-Lock Wheels

Bosch X-Lock System Will Change Grinders Forever

Bosch X-Lock Wheels

Typically when we see a new “system” for tool accessories we immediately disregard as this will never catch on. These are often driven to give the brand that creates the system an advantage so nobody adopts it and as expected ends up in the good ideas, that never happened bin. Bosch Tools has done an excellent job over the years however of working with other manufacturers and sharing their technology to actually change all tools for the better and for this we are very grateful! SDS-MAX, STARLOCK, JIGSAWS (the actual tool and standard shanks) and the list goes on.

Just announced Bosch will make a new grinder connection system called X-Lock that will allow for super quick and safe connection of grinding attachments, slicer wheels, cup wheels, wire wheels, flappers, core bits, etc. While we currently have tool-free nuts, and 5/8-11 thread options this new X-Lock system would easily make those other options obsolete. The X-Lock system makes means it would be very inexpensive to make this change, as opposed to a 5/8-11 hub which can add a lot of cost, these look to be very simple and cost effective hubs, other than retooling costs. The system is also backwards compatible with 5/8-11 hubs similar to a 7/8″ opening that just slides over and can use a locking nut. This will be key to gradually transition everyone over.

It’s Still A Big Gamble for Bosch

No question we would all be better off, safer and more productive if all grinders and accessories switched to this new X-Lock system. That is a lot of folks to get on board however, for the tool manufacturers, abrasives, wire wheels and all the other accessories. Bosch is not the dominate brand (at least in the US, they are in Europe) for any of these categories so they will need some strong partners to get onboard with making some big changes to their production lines. They have put this out as a late 2019 launch which is disappointing as we want it now, but also totally makes sense they’re going to need to get Metabo, Milwaukee, Dewalt, Norton, Sait, Weiler and many others to join the X-Lock cause to make this a reality and not the next BetaMax.

Bosch X-Lock Grinders

We are really behind the whole industry coming together holding hands and going to X-Lock. Push your favorite tool brand to get behind it, if we had to use another spanner wrench ever again the world would be a better place.

X-Lock Grinders

From Bosch Media Posts:

  • One click is all you need: With X-Lock, Bosch is revolutionizing the way angle grinder accessories are changed and launching the simplest accessory-change system on the market. Instead of following several steps which require a great deal of effort and parts that can get lost, such as tensioning nuts, flanges and keys, you can now change your accessories in five seconds ‒ up to five times faster ‒ and much more easily: Position the wheel in the X-Lock mount, click it in – and you’re good to go! To change a disc, simply unlock it using the lever and remove it. There are eight small corded X-Lock angle grinders available from 900 to 1,900 watts and four cordless models with 18 volt batteries.
  • With more than 130 X-Lock accessories, Bosch is offering tradespeople a complete range right from the start. For metal processing, they can choose from a broad selection of cutting, roughing, fiber, SCM and flap discs, as well as cup and round brushes. For stone, concrete or tile processing, diamond cutting discs, diamond dry core drills and diamond milling cutters are available. In addition, the “Carbide Multi Wheel” carbide cutting disk is available for cutting wood containing nails, plastic, composite or drywall construction materials.
  • The X-lock system saves professionals from extensive reworking because it has no tensioning nut. This enables tradespeople to grind at a flat angle without damaging surfaces. Furthermore, X-Lock indicates the accessory’s mounting direction and ensures that direction-specific discs, such as diamond cutting discs, are always mounted correctly.

X-Lock Accessories

X-Lock Mechanism

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