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In the wake of the Dewalt/Powers Merger there were many folks in the industry wondering what that meant for them. The competitor tool and fastener brands are still trying to figure out how it will effect their businesses. Hilti has proven for years it can sell the full system from anchor to bit to tool, epoxy and more. Bosch, with their large market share in the concrete hammer and carbide drill bit market, certainly doesn’t want to take any chances by not having something to sell on the fasteners side. This deal is however not a merger or acquisition but instead a “strategic alliance” between the two brands that will remain independent companies.

On one hand this makes total sense. With each focused on what they do best and relying on the other when needed, this could be a very positive thing for both companies. On the other hand, without a true financial incentive, it is a question mark as to whether they will be able to continuously put together worthwhile joint efforts. On first sniff this partnership makes a lot of sense as both companies have good brands and strong places in the market. If they truly work together they could really make some nice new product systems or promo deals for customers that would really work, such as buy so many anchors get a free Bosch Rotary Hammer. It will be interesting to see if all the things align through distribution to make that possible. What does this mean for the other big names in tools and fasteners? Are we going to see a Milwaukee & Red Head partnership next?

We expect to hear much more on the Bosch/Simpson deal at the upcoming STAFDA trade show which is just 2 weeks from now. In the meantime read the full Bosch Press Release on the topic below.

Mount Prospect, Illinois, – Robert Bosch Tool Corporation, the world’s leading manufacturer of professional power tools and accessories, and Simpson Strong-Tie Company Inc., Pleasanton, Calif., a leading provider of concrete, masonry and anchor repair solutions, today signed an agreement to form a strategic alliance that will allow the companies to jointly pursue sales, marketing and product development opportunities in the concrete construction market.

The new sales combination gives the companies’ distribution partners and customers access to the broadest commercial and residential product portfolio in the concrete construction industry. The strategic alliance will give distributors the opportunity to compete effectively and take market share from direct sellers.

“Both the Bosch and Simpson Strong-Tie brands are synonymous with trust, integrity and quality in the concrete and masonry markets,” said Terry Horan, president and CEO, Robert Bosch Tool Corporation, North America. “This strategic alliance will leverage both companies’ engineering strengths, manufacturing practices and sales expertise to deliver anchoring and fastening solutions that meet building code requirements and improve productivity for installers.”

The alliance seeks to bring to market a complete Bosch/Simpson Strong-Tie installation system, including adhesive and mechanical anchors, as well as demolition and rotary hammers and accessories, and to improve efficiency and productivity for customers. The new venture also will provide joint jobsite training to installers and will offer distribution partners a variety of sales and marketing benefits.

“The alliance between our two companies will give our distribution partners a better way to compete against direct sellers,” said Terry Kings father, president, Simpson Strong-Tie. “By combining Bosch’s expertise in power tools and accessory systems with the Simpson Strong-Tie focus on providing specified, value-engineered anchoring solutions, we can drive quality business to our partners and provide customers with even better solutions.”

Bosch/Simpson Strong-Tie Partnership FAQs

  1. Why have the two companies chosen to form an alliance?
    As leaders in their respective fields, Bosch and Simpson Strong-Tie share a commitment to innovation, product performance and customer satisfaction. Both companies are well known for the quality of their products and the integrity of their business practices; therefore, it seemed natural that the two companies work together to explore the potential synergies between their product lines and people. In the long- term we intend to partner on product development initiatives and cross-selling opportunities. We hope to drive innovation and further enhance the value we offer to customers.
  2. What added value will this alliance bring to distribution partners?
    1. The distributor will now be able to offer a system sell consisting of a leading, specified anchor brand (Simpson Strong-Tie) and the leading brand of power tools and accessories that is most preferred by professionals (Bosch). They now have the tools to go after the direct sell business.
    2. The ability to promote a systems approach to drilling and anchoring in their showroom with an impactful product display that highlights compatibility between anchors, accessories and power tools.
    3. Having an anchor/accessories/power tool system to sell, complete with marketing support, simplifies the sales process to the end user. Recommendations turn into sales quicker when sales people can discuss specific benefits.
    4. Having a system to sell that reduces anchor-installation time (when compared with other brands) to save on labor costs; as well as superior durability and comfort gives the distributor a pitch that is based on real value.
    5. Training from Bosch and Simpson Strong-Tie on system selling will make both inside and outside sales people more effective at selling both lines.
    6. Joint sales calls with Bosch and Simpson Strong-Tie representatives will:
      • Enhance relationships between distributor, manufacturer and end-user
      • Increase market exposure of both lines
      • Increase efficiency of pull-through sales of Bosch and Simpson Strong-Tie product
    7. Bosch and Simpson Strong-Tie sales teams will be calling on jobsites promoting the Bosch/Simpson Strong-Tie system sell to create demand for distributors.
  3. Will distribution of Bosch and Simpson Strong-Tie products change?
    No, both of these companies will continue to remain independent and utilize those strengths that have made them successful. Business is “as usual” to our distributors and end users as they experience it today.
  4. What added value will this alliance bring to end users?
    1. a. Having direct access to Bosch/Simpson Strong-Tie experts provides factory-direct, value-added information to help contractors make the best system-purchase decision for their anchor installations.
    2. Using an anchor/accessories/power tool system that offers proven installation time-savings improves efficiency on the job.
    3. Bosch accessories have been proven to last longer than the competition, providing more holes per accessories and reducing the amount of accessories needed on the job.
    4. Joint jobsite training from Bosch and Simpson Strong-Tie can help crews install anchors more quickly by optimizing rotary hammer/accessories usage and correct anchor installation procedures.
  5. Does this mean that only Bosch tools and accessories can be used to install Simpson Strong-Tie anchoring products?
    No, Simpson Strong-Tie will be making recommendations regarding anchor, power tool, and accessory combinations to increase user productivity and product life. Therefore, other manufacturers’ products can be used. The result is to meet the Simpson Strong-Tie product recommendations for the installation.
  6. Will Simpson Strong-Tie begin selling Bosch power tools for use with the Quik Drive auto-feed screw driving system? 
    Simpson Strong-Tie and Bosch may look into the potential to adapt Bosch power tools to the Quik Drive line, but no steps have been taken at this point. Until further notice Simpson Strong-Tie will continue doing business as usual in their Quik Drive product line, with the goal being to provide the user with the brand of screwdriver motor they prefer.
  7. How is this alliance going to impact day-to-day business? Who is my contact going forward?
    This alliance is not going to affect your day-to-day business with either company. Continue to work with your current representative as you have in the past with regards to questions and ordering. At some point in the near future your Bosch and Simpson Strong-Tie representatives will contact you for a joint meeting to discuss our system-sales approach and how it can help grow your business.
  8. What if I carry only one of the brands featured in the alliance, are there incentives to buying Simpson Strong-Tie products along with Bosch Power Tools?
    Please ask your respective Bosch or Simpson Strong-Tie sales representative about how this partnership can work to grow your business.

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