Bosch SDS-Plus Rebar Cutting Bits

The new rebar cutters from Bosch have 1 purpose, extending the life of your other concrete drill bits. Nothing wears out a concrete drill bit faster than rebar and how do you avoid it? With the Bosch Rebar Cutter it’s simple. Once you hit rebar simply switch out the bit in your SDS-Plus hammer drill, cut the rebar and switch back to your regular bit. Another option would be to use two tools and have one already ready with the Bosch Rebar Cutter. If you have an extra SDS drill this could save a few seconds on each cut but not really necessary.

The Rebar Cutters range in size from 3/8”-1.5” but for anything ½” or less you may want to also consider the new Bosch X5L Full Head Carbide. These carbide drill bits go strait through concrete and rebar no problem saving any time and extending drill bit life by have an all in one solution. Ohio Power Tool carries a wide range of SDS Concrete Bits and accessories. Read the full Bosch Press Release Below.     

Rebar Doesn’t Stand a Chance against Bosch Rebar Cutter
New SDS-plus® Bit Out Slugs the Competition

Mount Prospect, Ill., February 3, 2009 – Where there is concrete, there is rebar. Bosch Accessories, the world leader in concrete and masonry tool accessories, introduces its Rebar Cutter for making larger holes, faster, cleaner and with longer bit life.

Designed to work with rotary hammers in rotation mode, Bosch’s Rebar Cutter has a unique flute geometry that employs a steep spiral design that quickly removes debris. A relief hole is incorporated into the cutting surface to dissipate heat and facilitate slug removal.

The body design and shank are tapered to reduce weight for smoother drilling and to reduce the amount of vibration that often leads to fatigue.

Bosch manufactures its own carbide to exacting specifications and the result is higher quality carbide that delivers a longer drilling life of the bit.

Users simply drill with a SDS-plus carbide bit until making contact with rebar. Without changing tools, users then insert the Rebar Cutter and cut through the rebar until contacting concrete. Once rebar is cut, just switch back to carbide bit to complete the hole.

All bits are 12-inches and range in diameter from 3/8” to 1-1/2”.

See the Bosch Rebar Cutter Site:


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