Bosch Pneumatic Tools – Full Force

For the past several days I had the opportunity to visit Bosch US headquarters and checkout some of the upcoming new products. It was really interesting to learn more about the company and the great lengths they go through to ensure the highest quality products. Many others attended the event as well so it was also a good opportunity to chat with some of the other power tool bloggers from Toolsnob, Toolmonger, Toologics as well as really great people from various magazines and other media outlets.      

One of the big product launches is the new line of Bosch Pneumatic Tools named Bosch Full Force. I got a chance to use these tools along with the competition and I was really impressed with the performance, smaller size and lighter weight. They also incorporated several new features including the strike plate on the back which is commonly used as a hammer to align beams. Also the nail cartridge is extremely easy to remove without any additional tools so clearing jams takes seconds. In development for several years these tools may have missed the high times of home building but with the Bosch long term strategy focus they are very optimistic they will own the market 3,5,10 years down the road. As new products do take some time to prove themselves once they are on the market it may actually work out to their advantage launching into a slower building cycle. By the time home building picks up again they will have a proven track record and be able to really have some strong sales. The Bosch units are compatible with any other brand of nails and don’t plan on launching their own nails in the near future.

Units will be available on shortly with the framing nailers and several compressors available this month. The roofing, brad, narrow crown and finishing nailers will be available over the next few months. In total there will be 7 nailers and 5 compressors by the end of summer. Checkout the videos below for more details! Stay tuned, more new Bosch products coming next week on Coptool.          


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