Bosch P2 + R2 Combo Driver Bits

I know you probably have not been waiting on the edge of your seats in anticipation for new driver bit technology to hit the street but the new Bosch P2R2 bit is a pretty nice addition. It works extremely well on both Phillips P2 and Robertson R2 (square drive) screws, saving the time and frustration of switching bits, loosing bits and/or digging in the tool box for the other bit. We have already put these bits to the test and the shop guys said they pass the test, which doesn’t always happen. The bits are a few pennies more but for the convenience and time savings very much worth it.  

We continue to be impressed with Bosch’s constant innovation to simple accessories were you couldn’t imagine seeing anything new. The P2R2 bits will be available around Mid June; you will be able to order them shortly on Ohio Power Tool in packs of 15, 1” bits for $4.43.


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