Bosch 18V Brushless Angle Grinders GWS18V-45 vs Corded

We had a great time playing with different Bosch Angle Grinders in the metal working room at the Idea Foundry! We took some time to discuss the new GWS18V-45C/PSC Brushless Angle Grinder to see how it matches up to their corded models, such as the 1375A and GWS10-45PD. Also looked at the new Bluetooth connectivity options available with these new grinders.

There is a big focus on the CORE 18V batteries with all their new tools, which Bosch has one of the industry’s leading batteries. Bosch using new 20700 cells, developed with Tesla provides longevity and more power. These cells deliver up to 1,440W of power, 80% more than previous 6.0Ah batteries. Also, Bosch exclusive CoolPack 2.0 technology greatly reduced overheating, resulting in increases up to an 135% lifespan!

Two different models, the standard switch (GWS18V-45C) and the paddle switch (GWS18V-45PSC) strictly depend on preference. Both models are brushless which lasts longer and brings a cordless tool closer to feeling corded.

You will notice a big “1” “2” and “3” illuminated on the top of the Grinder. These are default RPM settings. Depending on the application you’re grinding, you don’t always want the highest RPM, wire cup wheels for instance use a much slower RPM. This is another feature to increase longevity and productivity.

When you see a “C” in the part number, it means it is bluetooth capable, important to note not all these tools include the Bluetooth Module (GCY30-4). These can access different features available for the tool, from your phone! You can check the battery life, adjust LED brightness and even enable soft start.

We always ask the question, are there any improvements on safety. These cordless Grinders have a kickback control that will shut down the Grinder if it hits a certain torque threshold.

This feature prevents binds or kickbacks that can potentially injure the user. When this feature activates, the light on top will turn red, letting you know you hit that torque level.

All you need to do is pull it back, reset your switch or paddle and you’re ready to get back to work. May seem like a hassle, but can save a lot more time than what an injury could take!

One of the big questions we looked to get some user feedback on was how does the power for these Brushless Grinders compare to Bosch’s corded grinders? We all use AMPs to measure power output in corded grinders but that doesn’t cross over in the cordless world. We had the different members at the Idea Foundry, which had various levels of metal expertise, use all of them and provide us their feedback on what power these cordless grinders had.

To gauge this we compared them to the corded models 1375A at 6.0 Amps and GWS10-45PD at 10 Amps. The user feedback for cordless power was around a 6-8 Amp equivalent as there was still less powerful than the 10.0 Amp corded grinders but all agreed they were more powerful than the 1375A grinder, which is one of the most popular grinders out there.

Grinders Corded vs Cordless

While run-time is not there (with any cordless grinder) for continuous shop grinding applications however for intermittent cutting, weld prep and many jobsite applications a cordless grinder certainly has a lot of advantages. The power of Bosch CORE 18V batteries, brushless motors, bluetooth connectivity, 3-speed RPM and kickback control… The reasons not to go cordless are becoming less and less significant.

A huge thank you to the Idea Foundry for letting us tour their building and hang out with all the awesome people. If you’re in the Columbus area and want to be part of an amazing group and shop, visit the Idea Foundry. We’re definitely headed back there soon!

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