Bosch Just Dropped an Atomic Bomb on the Battery Market!

Bosch just dropped their new fastest most powerful battery charger we’ve ever seen.

This is the Bosch Hell-ION Turbo Charger, featuring, what else, “Power Boost!” Who doesn’t need that!? This charger is like nothing we’ve seen before. 

The new GAL18V-160C 18V Connected Ready Lithium-Ion 16 AMP battery turbo charger delivers eight times the current found on standard chargers, and thanks to a “power boost mode”, it can charge an 8AH CORE18V battery to 80% charge in a shocking short 26 minutes. 

The tech doesn’t stop there. An optional connectivity module allows the charger to link to a connected device and check battery health, charge level, and access additional charge modes including a max lifetime and storage.

The charger works with all of Bosch 18V lithium-ion batteries. 

You can get your own for just over $100 from anywhere you love to buy Bosch.

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