Bosch 5” Concrete Surface Grinder Update CSG15

Concrete Surface Grinder

Grinding concrete can be messy business no question. One of the first grinders that was specifically designed for the task was the Bosch 1773AK ($398) which added a wraparound handle, fully enclosed dust shroud with one of the first vacuum ports to come standard plus some additional modification to help this grinder handle working in the harsh silica dust. It was truly top of the line when it launched but of course other have done similar designs and with Bosch’s advancements in grinder performance it is naturally time for an upgrade. The new Bosch CSG15 ($399) fills its shoes nicely with a bump in power from 10 AMP to 12.5 AMP, sealed bearing system, better gearing for concrete removal and a new adjustable guard with allows for grinding against a wall.

Bosch really offers the full solution coupled with a wide range of Bosch Diamond Wheels (DC510 included) as well as one of the recently redesigned Bosch Vacuums ($549-659) which feature Power Broker to turn on and off with the grinder. The vacuums all feature self-cleaning filters ideal for silica dust (2 models are automatic) as well as L-Boxx compatible tops for easy transport a lot of your tools at once. For more info check out our video and see the full Bosch press release below.

Bosch CSG15

Las Vegas, Nev. World of Concrete, – Power is the only word that counts when concrete is the job at hand. The Bosch CSG15 5” Surface Grinder employs maximum 12.5 amp, 9300 RPM power for that extra push in concrete grading, surface preparation, concrete cleaning and other harsh concrete applications. And all of that power and speed combines with constant response electronics to deliver the benefits of soft-start, smooth operation, constant speed under load and overload protection.

What separates this grinder from others is its comprehensive guard/shroud system for collecting dust. The Bosch CSG15 features an innovative shroud with a proprietary guard-opening system that allows flush grinding up to walls. This is critical in some jobs where the entire surface needs to be removed.

CSG15 Bosch

When there are obstructions to work around and hard-to-reach areas, it’s a necessity to have a grinder powerful enough to get the job done, but small and light enough to handle easily. The Bosch CSG15 Surface Grinder features a wrap-around auxiliary handle that offers multiple grip positions for even the most difficult tasks.

A four-stage sealing system integrated into the output shaft and double-sealed ball bearings effectively seal the gear housing and gears against dust. A sealed switch extends life and epoxy-coated field windings add to overall system protection.

For optimum dust collection and ease of use, the Bosch CSG15 features a brush ring where the shroud contacts the concrete surface. The brush ring combines with air vents on top of the shroud to further channel dust. This allows the necessary air to be pulled into the shroud so that the dirty, dust-filled air can be sucked through the dust port and into a vacuum. The brush rings also provide an added benefit by allowing the shroud to collect dust even over slightly uneven surfaces. The dust port is 1-3/8“ diameter, which fits Bosch dust extraction vacuums.

The Bosch CSG15 Surface Grinder includes a case, a diamond cup wheel and an extra brush ring. Adaptors are available to configure the dust port to other common vacuum hose nozzle diameters. Adapter details are available at

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