Bosch 1380SLIM – New 4.5” Angle Grinder

At first glance of the above marketing photos you might be thinking big whoop another 4.5” grinder with 7.5 Amps. Without feeling the grinder it’s hard to tell the body of this tool is significantly Slimmer than anything else on the market, providing for more control in cutting and grinding applications. We recently had a chance to test out the Bosch against similar DeWalt & Makita models and performance wise they are all solid well build entry level grinders. However once you pick up the 1380 Bosch then go back to the others it really makes them just feel awkward, including even the other Bosch models. The Bosch 1380SLIM ($69, Ohio Power Tool) is priced to move as an entry level grinder for professionals. 

These types of small 4.5” grinders are ideal for metals shops, construction and a wide range of other applications, it’s good to see the Bosch team working to reengineer the basic products. With different accessories such as Grinding Discs, Flap wheels & Small Diamond Blades these can be very versatile tools. The 1380 grinders are expected to hit shelves this week at Ohio Power Tool and if you have any questions on any Bosch Tools feel free to give the guys a call at 800-242-4424.   


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