Blaklader Hi-Vis Class 3 ANSI Work Jackets & Hi-Vis Pants


When it comes to seriously heavy duty professional clothing Blaklader Workwear has been one of the fastest growing player for several years now. With good reason, beyond the basic novelty of built in kneepads or large external pockets the quality of these garments are designed for excessive abuse. Triple stitching, near tear proof Cordura fabric in wear spots and all around high quality have made their pants and jackets the preferred choice for many professionals.

As you might expect when Blaklader got into the market for High-Vis ANSI spec clothing they brought the same high quality to these items. It’s always escaped us why most of the Hi-Vis clothing made specifically for the people doing some of the toughest jobs are made so poorly. Certainly Blaklader isn’t going to be the cheapest options with their Class 3 Winter Shell at $129 and the Class 3 Winter Jacket which featured more insulation and larger hood at $139. In addition they’ve built in some smart features like wind/waterproof but still breathable fabric, D-Ring harness opening and retractable hood on shell. That might still seem like a lot of money for a work coat that’s going to be dragged through the mud but if it lasts 5x times longer than the cheap $49 Class 3 Bomber Jackets seems like a no brainer.

Hi-Vis Class 3

Additionally Blaklader has several options for Hi-Vis pants made specifically with durability in mind. These are modified versions of their most popular work pants with the Hi-Vis Class 2 Work Pant ($69) very similar to their most popular Bantam style. The Hi-Vis Class 1 X1600 Work Pant ($119) is a variation of their new X1600 work pant (seen in video below) considered by many pros as the toughest work pants on the market. This one is only Class 1 because of the smaller amount of Hi-Vis but with 3M reflective bands would dramatically increase visibility when partnered with a Class 3 jacket and will hold up to just about anything you can throw at them. Hi-Vis pants in many cases do not need to be the same class as the jackets but you will need to check with your local safety regulating body for what your application calls for.

For professional work wear from Blaklader Workgear give the pros at Ohio Power Tool a call 800-242-4424. They will be more than happy to help you get geared for winter or take care of a wide range of Hi-Vis safety apparel needs.

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