Are Diesel Motors DONE on the job site? CASE is electric, and the rest of your power tool news! S3E12

Coming up next, on week in review. Goldilocks finds the perfect bandsaw, Vince makes a lot of noise with a concrete nailer Sand Kyle tells us how to keep the noise out! This is your power tool week in review.

As a nation, we’ve been cruising along Crazy Blvd for some time, now, but this last week we took a sudden hard right turn onto Pandemic Drive, and As you’d expect, just about everyone who makes YouTube videos, is making a coronavirus video-sharing thoughts, insights, ideas and sometimes just a bunch of complaints. 

Matt Risinger, a popular remodeler, teamed up with his wife, who happens to be an Internal Medicine Physician, and the two of them share a lot of practical tips for surviving the current outbreak while continuing work on the job site. Besides the same technical tips already shared by our government,  Christy also lays out a lot of job site-specific tips including keeping your food separate from other workers, working in other rooms and washing more often then you’re used to. Matt offers his own advice to construction teams, even going to far as to stagger trades to keep fewer teams on a job site at once. If you’re going to watch a corona video this week, we recommend this one at Matt Risinger on YouTube.

Fortunately for us, the current lock down hasn’t stopped Vince from keeping us entertained and informed! The VCG Crew visited the world of concrete for the first time this year, where they found tools they didn’t even know they were missing! This week they spent time with the DeWALT XR Concrete Nailer which has been out for a couple of years, but stands to make a major difference in the way their crew gets the job done. Until now they’ve been using Paslode gas and battery combination nailers, which are always running out of either battery or gas. The DeWALT option proves to be powerful enough, fast enough, and since it only runs on batteries, far easier to manage. To watch the whole review, head over to VCG Construction on YouTube.

Milwaukee released a new M18 Compact Bandsaw last week, and the boys at Workshop Addict put it to work. Size wise, The new 2829 sits comfortably between the M12 sub compact and the M18 Deep cut, which we think a lot of you will find to be just right. It features tool free blade changes, led light, variable speed trigger and a 3 ¼” by 3 ¼” inch capacity. The addicts use the included extreme metal blade to cut a wide variety of stuff, and as it turns out, its perfect for making 60 cuts a minute in small pvc… if you know.. You need to. For the full review, head over to Workshop Addict on YouTube.

Can you hear me OK? If so, it’s not too late for you to protect your hearing, and Kyle from RR Building has some advice for you. On this week’s Toolsday, Kyle took time to explain the NR rating system to us, and walks us through several solutions for noise reduction for the job site. Beyond the common ear muffs and plugs, he also pitches the popular Isotunes active noise reducing Bluetooth earbuds with a long name. The video has a ton of great info, and the comment section is full of great information, and more than a few people who are pretending they can’t hear Kyle. I love the intertubes. You can listen for yourself, at RR Buildings on YouTube.

Are you guys ready for your weekly dose of construction industry news? Well TOO BAD. Here it is, and it’s brought to you by the construction junkie!

First up, CASE Construction Equipment company has finally unveiled project Zeus, and it’s already earning its legendary name. This is the CASE 580 EV Backhoe loader, the industry’s first aLL electric backhoe loader. Claiming the same power as their diesel version, but this one is far quieter and eliminates all the standard maintenance that diesel motors demand. The electric drivetrain gives you instant torque and all the power you’d expect from a backhoe loader this size. They tell us it will have a higher initial price, but the owning and operating costs are so low, this guy will eventually pay for itself, putting it squarely in my budget. Zero dollars. You can find out more in the full article. 

The world of concrete is over, but the group just announced its Most innovative product awards. A few winners will be familiar to our fans, including Milwaukee who took home the Expert’s Choice award for the MX Fuel system, Bosch who won the Editor’s Choice award for their x-lock equipped 18V EC Brushless 4 and a half in angle grinder, and Hilti with the Industry Choice award for their new cordless breaker, that TE 500 A36. For the other winners, and the rest of your construction industry news, head over to construction junkie dot com.

On to Instagram! I wish I had half the energy Travis has at any given moment! This week he shows off the DeWALT ToughCase that is now compatible with essentials from Irwin and Craftsman!

Working alone is not always as relaxing as it sounds, Pat from NesBuiltDesign Co showed us an example of this when he struggled through a column wrap install on his own.

Sarah shared her newfound love for the Jess Em Tool Company Miter Gauge and asked if you have a favorite table saw accessory of your own. Gripper for me! You can answer that question for yourself at Tool Girls Garage, on Instagram. 

Awesome Framers shared a candid moment of teamwork, making the dream work on the job site this week. Aww it really does make a difference who you work with doesn’t it?

Paul is always sharing little nuggets of wisdom with us and this week he showed his new “Drive Up Shelving Storage”! Drive up, park, easily access what you need, load up and you’re good to go! 

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