99% Can’t Name This TOOL. WHY?! Plus your Power Tool News! S3E23

DeWALTs second gen Flexvolt keeps kill’n it. And we all learn how to pronounce Komelon! Welcome back power tool fans. It’s August 7th, 2020, and today we’re going to do the power tool news, and share some tool videos you won’t want to miss. Let’s get to it…

We’re gonna start off this week with DeWALT, who’s Gen2 Flexvolt tools are finally landing in the hands of competent reviewers. Also Kenny. This week he shared an in depth review of the Gen 2 Flexvolt 60V Reciprocating Saw from DeWALT. Now last year DeWALT revealed their line of Gen 2 Flexvolt tools, which look IDENTICAL to the previous Gen, but they promised us the motors in these tools were way, way better, and Kenny agrees, for the most part. The PTR team noted that there was definitely a performance increase when cutting through clean wood, but for some reason in their roofing testing, it was actually a bit slower. But the best part, was that this extremely powerful saw is a significant 2 lbs lighter than the super Sawsaw from Milwaukee, which is weighed down naturally with all that Wisconsin pride. But whatcha gonna do. For the full review head over to Pro Tool Reviews on YouTube. 

Last week Ryobi revealed a new line of High Powered tools appropriately named One+ HP, and this week Brian from WorkshopAddict is reviewing just about all of them. So far, he’s posted reviews of the ⅜” Impact Wrench, the one handed recip saw, and now the 3” cut off saw. All of these tools benefit from Ryobi’s new HP platform, which includes more powerful motors, better batteries, all in a far more compact package. Brian really seems to be liking this series, which is saying something when it comes from a professional tradesman who uses pro tools in their shop. No matter how you feel about wearing bug-gut-green on the jobsite, you should check out his reviews at workshop addict on YouTube.

Ok I’m gonna be honest here, this next video was by far my favorite of the week for several reasons, that first being, our buddies at TIA are breaking things again. Eric and Dan got a hold of a new ultra-tough tape measure, played with it for a while, talked about it a lot, and then took it out back to beat the ever loving crap out of it, like only TIA can. Now we’ve seen these tapes before, even on TIA’s channel, but they still have a small problem with them. Pronouncing their name! Dan and Eric are not alone as it turns out, just about no-one can pronounce their name. Electrical Innovations, Steven Larkin, Tool Box Buzz, and Two Moose Design all had some issues saying it correctly. Only Roger Bisby from Skill Builder seems to get it right. But it’s hard to tell with that sultry accent. So I called the company directly, and a lovely woman named Amy assured me, it’s Com-a-lon. You’re welcome guys.

Our last stop is with our buddy Bill at Sparky channel, who is using the new DeWALT 20V Max Coil Roofing Nailer. This nailer has been making the rounds the last few weeks, where most reviewers have found it to be powerful, convenient, and just a bit too heavy. But no one goes into detail. To be honest, I used to think Bill just knew every single thing about electricity, but as it turns out, he just knows every single thing about ever single thing. For his full review head over to Sparky Channel on YouTube. 

It’s time again for our construction industry news, courtesy of the Construction Junkie. You may remember Shane previously reporting on the leaning tower of pineapple pizza in San Francisco. It’s been sinking and tilting for like… 4 years. Pshh… I’m not worried. This is fine.

The good news is that they’re finally going to fix it! So far it’s sunk 18 inches, and it’s leaning 4in to the side. I wouldn’t be caught dead 3 blocks away from that thing, and yet there are people living in it. How do they sleep? So the plan has finally been approved, and they’ll be driving 52 piles 250 feet below the buildings foundation to reach bedrock. Apparently they’re going to be placing the piles on the sunk side, and over time the building will settle back to level by sinking further on the other. Yup. Not living there.

Moving on to smarter ideas, a new product called the Kenzen Patch is going to keep you cool on the jobsite. Ok it won’t keep you cool, but it will warn you when you get too hot. Kenzen, a smart PPE manufacturer is now offering a device you strap to your arm, to monitor your temperature. It uses a long list of sensors that watch skin temperature, ambient temperature, heart rate, activity and more. If you’re about to get sick from heat, the app will warn you to stop working, and sends a permission slip to your supervisor so you can chill for a while. I’m suddenly envisioning 200 construction workers all doing jumping jacks out in the sun just a few minutes before the NFL Draft goes live. 

For more on those stories, and the rest of your construction industry news, head over to ConstructionJunkie.com. 

Swinging over to Instagram, 

Joe the Canadian Carpenter decided it was finally time to do some maintenance on his pump, and discovered his oil turned into Tim Horton’s Dark Roast some time ago. Don’t let that happen guys. 

One of the guys on the Tool Box Buzz crew, posed the question, how long do you keep your work boots? Their Keen’s have obviously seen better days at this point.

And last of all, Our friend Sarah Listi from ToolGirlsGarage suggested we all pause this week, and take note of your happy places in the midst of chaos, and appreciate the things and people who bring us so much joy. Count me in.

THANK YOU to our show sponsors this week! Skilsaw and Ohio Power Tool, guys we truly couldn’t do this without you.

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