9 NEW Power Tools! But they wouldn’t LET US PAY!

THIS WEEK…Bill gets a big new drill, TTC buys every right-angle impact, Todd finds the pole with the least amount of droop And FLEX gets worked over by a monkey. THIS, is your power tool week in review!

Torque Test Channel | Every Right Angle in Existence

Welcome back power tool fans. this week the TTC crew went shopping and bought every single Right-Angle Driver on the market. All 4 of them.

That includes Makita’s LXT 18V Cordless Angle Impact Driver, Both of Milwaukee’s M18 and M12 models, and the SKIL PWRCORE 12 Brushless model as well. The Makita comes in at the highest price of $179 bare, while the SKIL rings in at a mere $79. And lets all be honest, the reason we watch TTC is two fold. First, we want to see the lying liars called out for their ridiculous marketing claims, and second, we want to see the little guy win. And this time, good lord does this video deliver. I love my SKIL impact driver, but I had no idea I even needed a right angle version until now. But I do. To watch all of the visual goodness play out on screen, head over to Torque Test Channel.

FLEX Announcement

FLEX launched their second salvo of power tools this week, highlighted by their new Stacked Lithium batteries. This week they announced a few new tools including a rear handle circular saw, a one handed recip, and a new tower light. But the big news is the official launch of their new Stacked Lithium batteries. 

While these new Lithium-ion pouch cells are possibly made by the same company as DeWALTs, it’s the Intelligent power management called Power IQ, and the Therma-Tech Heat management, that makes them uniquely FLEX. And while previous tests of DeWALT’s 1.7ah battery have proven this new technology can make a lot of power, these new, much larger batteries from FLEX will bring that power to many more applications. 

And remember, these are 24V batteries, vs DeWALTs 18. So while DeWALT’s 1.7ah Powerstack battery has 30.6wh, this 3.5 from FLEX, has 84, almost triple the capacity of the DeWALT. And that’s the small one! The 6ah has 144, and the 10ah has 240. Literally 8 TIMES bigger than the DeWALT. For more details on the new tools and batteries from flex, head over to flexpowertools.com

Tools & Stuff | Makita 40V vs 18V x2

Tools and stuff finally caved to the masses this week, and lined up the Makita LXT 18v X2 Track Saw next to the XGT 40v Track Saw and set out to determine once again, LXT or XGT?

Now Track Saws are typically burdened with greatness, in the form a many, many features. And Tools was determined to highlight each one. He starts off measuring the depth of cut, only to be reminded that by putting it on the track, you’re losing 4mm right off the top. Not a happy Kiwi. He also hates the depth guide on the back of the blade guard, which appears to mark your exact depth of cut, but only if you’re NOT on a track. Unhappier kiwi. But once he gets to cutting, he finds his Makita Happy Place. And when the dust has settled, he of course makes a case for LXT owners to stay in their lane, but… “But if you’re starting from scratch of course, this is a far superior tool” But he wasn’t quite done yet, as a plunge saw isn’t the answer to every cutting problem, fortunately he has the answer to that head over at Tools & Stuff.

Project Farm | Best Pole Saw Chainsaw

Todd over at Project Farm is once again up to his old antics, this time he bought 10 different pole saws to see which one can reach new heights of pole sawness. They can’t all be winners guys. I only have so much apple juice.

With examples from Sunjoe, Oregon, Ryobi, Worx, Craftsman, Black and Decker, Greenworks, EGO, Milwaukee and DeWALT, Todd was determined to crown a king. He goes about his testing in his typical scientific way, which is normally what we’re here for. But I can’t help but feel like he missed an opportunity here to play make believe arborist, hacking his way through the neighborhood on a cutty cutty spring cleaning binge, but no…science, numbers and stuff. Todd found the most powerful, the saggiest pole, the longest pole, and more. To see if your favorite pole was saggy or not, head over to Project Farm.

Sparky Channel | DeWALT Stud and Joist Drill

Did you notice this week was particularly great? I know right? That’s because Bill from the sparky channel shared a tool review, and each one makes the world just a bit brighter.

This time around Bill has the new DeWALT DCD443 Stud and Joist Drill. It’s a single speed with a quick-change chuck, which, as it turns out, is way up high on Bill’s happy list. “BOOM it’s in, see?“ It has two handles, so the extreme torque doesn’t tear off your arm, which is nice. And perhaps best of all, it’s a Power DETECT brushless motor, which means if you put a flexvolt battery in this 20V Tool, it’ll use those extra beans to reach new heights of performance. Now Bill has used more than a few stud drills in his professional tour, so before you buy, be sure you head to the Sparky Channel.

Stanely “Dirt Monkey” Genadek | New FLEX Tools.

Now I’m trying super hard today, NOT to talk about the FLEX Faceoff, why? Because I simply don’t have time to sift through all the hate mail. Literally had people tell me this week that I should be ashamed just for watching it. Yeah. So let me just say this. If the FLEX commercial brought up an emotional reaction, I’m hearing you, I’m seeing you, and I care about you. But most of all, I’m gonna send you over to see the Dirt Monkey.

Stan the man Genedek got wind of the new FLEX tools being demoed at his local Lowes, so he ran over to try them all himself. And boy did he. But instead of explaining it to you, I’m going to let Stan tell you himself.

“I’m just gonna tell you right now just the fact that how well that just cut through there I’ve never touched a tool in my life that performed like that. I will go on the record book saying that right now and I will, if you guys watch my videos you will never hear me hardly ever say anything good, bad, or in between about a tool, that’s not my job, I don’t get excited about them. My job is just to show the tools in operation to be as unbiased and in the middle as I possibly can. But never in my life have I ran a tool that cut just like that did, or drilled, I don’t care, use your terminology, but to me I just cut right through that like butter.”

Of course, As impressed as Stan was with the new FLEX batteries and tools, he wants to know what you think. So do him a favor, and head over to Stan Dirt Monkey Genadek.

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