$50 Rebate Off Fein MultiMaster + $30 Free OIS Accessories

At one point not long ago Fein MultiMaster enjoyed a literal monopoly on the oscillating tool market. They ran infomercials and sold these units around $400 with accessories ranging from $20-$50+ a pop. Over the past 2 years however that has all changed as many more players have come into the market. You can pick up a Harbor store version for very cheap, possibly less than the money you spent on the gas to drive there and back. 

That being said there is no question the Fein MultiMaster is still the uncontested best oscillating tool on the market today, while Bosch has plans for the MX25EVS which could be an equal rival for cheaper, it won’t be here until next year sometime. Pretty sure IOUs don’t have the same effect under the Christmas tree. The great news for this holiday season is you can pick up a MultiMaster now for under $200 thanks to this Mail in Rebate for $50 off all the most popular Fein kits.

If you do pick up one of the Feins and want to save even more money on your accessories you might checkout the Bosch OIS system which will work with the MultiMasters as long as you get a FREE adaptor and 3.5” blade (which actual work on any oscillating tools even the cheaper ones). Simply register on this website and use the Tool Blogger’s secret code – OISC10. All together this adds up to some serious savings!

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