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5 Reasons Not to Buy Milwaukee Heated Gear

Today we’re going to take a look at the all-new line of Milwaukee Heated Gear, specifically the new M12 Heated Axis Jacket, a few of their Axis Outer Shells, and the new M12 Women’s Heated Softshell jacket.

Let’s start with the M12 Heated Softshell which is just straight-up awesome. It utilizes a carbon fiber heating element to create and distribute heat in the front pockets, back, and my favorite, the collar, powered by Milwaukee’s M12 REDLITHIUM Batteries. It’s wind and water resistance, and the High-Loft insulation traps heat inside where you want it. The pockets are heated separately from the back and collar. Each zone can be set to 3 different heat levels. Another favorite feature are the thumb-hole cuffs that keep my sleeves in place and my hands warm.

The new M12 Heated AXIS Jacket that features the Axis Layering System. It’s a light jacket with the same carbon fiber heating elements, but this time they’re situated on the chest, back, and shoulders. It’s built with hybrid AXIS™ Ripstop Polyester for a lightweight, compressible design that functions as an inner layer or mid-layer jacket. It’s wind and water-resistant, but for extreme weather, that’s where the shells come in. 

First up is the Hydrobreak Rain Shell that’s totally waterproof, tear-resistant and yet still breathable. It also adds a standing collar, adjustable hood, and zippered pockets. OR, if  Snow and freezing temperatures are in the forecast, the Gridiron work shell would be the proper weapon of choice. It’s 3x more durable and 25% lighter than 12oz cotton duck. The Gridiron Ripstop polyester is super durable but doesn’t sacrifice any mobility. Paired with the M12™ Heat On Demand, and the optimal insulation in both jackets provides you with ultimate warmth.

You can take my advice from above, or you can read Rob’s Five Reasons Not to Buy one. (Spoiler alert, he is wrong)

Reason 1- The jacket is warm. It’s durable. You’ll never want to take it off. But the light on the front means that complete strangers will constantly ask you the same thing

Reason 2-  The heat and comfort are ADDICTING to say the least. So much so, that you’ll be far too scared to waste your m12 batteries on any of your M12 tools. Meaning you’ll be warm, but you’ll be drilling holes with spoons instead of your M12 Drill Driver.

Reason 3- No One… should be happy about living in Ohio. But these jackets make living in freezing temperatures tolerable. You forget where you live. That is NOT ok.

Reason 4- These jackets look good. TOO GOOD. You’ll be tired of being hit on after the first day.

Reason 5- Milwaukee says the batteries last up to 8 hours, but that has to be on low in one zone. Because I run them both on high all day, and the batteries run out and when they do, you will SOB LIKE A BABY in public.

So yeah, we like the jackets. We both seriously wear them daily in our studio, and it’s not that cold here. They’re just that comfortable!

If you or someone you know could use a Milwaukee Heated Jacket or Milwaukee Heated Hoodie to make their life better, (Or in Rob’s opinion, ruin your life) you can order yours today from Plus check out their FREE M12 2.0Ah battery offer going on until the end of year on all these jackets.

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