5 NEW from Milwaukee, NONE of them are FUEL! Will that stop you?

Milwaukee FUEL. Some people say it’s a REQUIREMENT for purchase. If it doesn’t say FUEL, it’s not really Milwaukee. Yet for some reason, Milwaukee insists that not every new product needs a brushless motor, fancy battery, and high-tech electronics. Today, they just announced 5 new products that prove it. Let’s go!

KNEE PADS! Yup, 5 different types for every job and.. Knee I guess. And quite frankly, no matter how great they are, if they put FUEL in the title, they’d sell at least 20 pairs just to Vince. 

But hey, let’s talk about knees. I mean, we’ve all got’em amirite? So when Milwaukee sets out to protect them, comfort them, and make a huge profit off of’em, you know they did it right. And they have quite the collection to back that up. 

This is the FREE-FLEX Knee Pad, which is focused on lightweight comfort with comfortable foam, making it easy to move around. It’s got a water-resistant cap so you don’t have to take them off when it’s raining or muddy.

But if FREE-FLEX isn’t enough to get your knees knock’n, next up are these Milwaukee Hard Cap Gel Knee Pads, with a Secure Gel Zone, making them more comfortable. The gel helps the pad form to your super weird-shaped knee, which is good news if you’re Mr Tumnus from Narnia. 

But what if you’re a mythical creature working on seriously rough job sites? That’s where the Milwaukee Performance Knee Pad and the Non-Marring Performance Knee Pads come in. They’re built with maximum comfort AND longest-lasting durability in mind. They’re both made with Pressure reducing foam that maintains it’s shape, and the layered gel absorbs pressure and supports your knees. It also has a durable cap that’s designed to outlast you. 

But I hear you… none of those solutions sound like a Milwaukee FUEL solution. So while FUEL may not be in the name, it should be. This is the Milwaukee Stabilizer Performance Knee Pad. These are exclusively worn by Tony Stark from what I hear. They’re not only durable and comfortable, but they’re by far the most secure. They have the same pressure-reducing foam and durable cap from the performance model, but these are for those of you who need a large flat cap for durability, and the assurance that these pads are going to stay in place thanks to the hinged thigh strap. 

So you’re convinced, and you want them right? Me too . Here are the prices and availability. All of these are going to ship in early May, so we’re only weeks away. The Free Flex will be 24.97. The Hard Cap Gel Knee pads will be $29.99. The Performance Knee Pad in either non-marring, or uah… marring I guess, will be $34.97, and the Tony Starks will be $44.97.

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